Andy Shaw’s Bug Free Mind (2016 Overview)

Welcome to our summary of Andy Shaw’s Bug Free Mind process. This article is to be read in conjunction with our detailed reviews of: Andy Shaw's Bug Free Mind

  • Creating a Bug Free Mind (book and audio versions)
  • Using a Bug Free Mind (book and audio versions)
  • Success Made Simple (on-line video course)
  • A Bug Free World (High Achievers Private Members’ forum)

The links to each of the above reviews are at the bottom of this page.

We are writing these reviews at the beginning 2014 and they will easily be the most in-depth reviews of the Bug Free Mind process on the Internet.

It is fair to say that the Bug Free Mind process is something quite different in the self-improvement world and, if you haven’t already, you will be hearing a lot more about this ground-breaking process during 2014.

What’s in this article?

If you are looking to download the FREE Bug Free Mind pdf, we have the link in this article. For now, here’s a brief summary of what you can expect from this review:

  • What exactly is the Bug Free Mind system?
  • Who is Andy Shaw? (the author of the Bug Free Mind system).
  • Questions and Answers about our reviews.
  • The Bug Free Mind Books.
  • The Bug Free Mind audios.
  • Success Made Simple video course.
  • A Bug Free World community.
  • Where you can get a FREE pdf version.
  • Where you can purchase the books / audios / videos.
  • Links to our full review articles of each book, the video version, and the bug free world.

 What is Andy Shaw’s Bug Free Mind?

As mentioned above, we do have reviews of each of the products elsewhere on this site, but if you are looking for a quick overview of the whole process, then Andy’s own video best describes it.

Did you ‘switch off’ at any time whilst watching that video….??

If you did then you need A Bug Free Mind!!!


“Creating a Bug Free Mind” and “Using a Bug Free Mind” both come in written and audio formats. It’s also available in the form of a video course called “Success Made Simple”.

Who is Andy Shaw?

Andy ShawThe creator of the Bug Free Mind process, Andy Shaw, is a serial entrepreneur based in the UK. He has had several successful careers (and some not so successful).

Having built up a property fortune worth £millions, he lost it all in 2008/9 when the financial crisis hit the UK and he was made bankrupt.

After going through a tough few months, with seemingly everything going wrong, he turned to his personal development books (the likes of which we all have in our personal library) to improve his situation. Having immersed himself in these, he finally ‘woke up’ to the fact that he’d been successful several times over in the past, so why couldn’t he be successful again ?

It’s true. If you have a successful mindset, then you always have a successful mindset. That can’t ever be taken away and it’s the reason why millionaires who ‘lose it all’ can quickly recover…… On the flip side, those that don’t have a successful mindset are always going to struggle no matter how much ‘good stuff’ (i.e. personal growth material) is pumped in (see video below).

Having already written a successful book on property investment, Andy was no stranger to writing and he soon produced the two Bug Free Mind books – with 1000 pages of content.

A thriving community followed in the Bug Free Mind member’s area, where like-minded individuals take Andy’s content to another level.

Andy has a relaxed style (it’s like talking to a friend), but he does use a lot of repetition (whichever format of the course you choose). This repetition is necessary, deliberate, and ensures the material ‘sinks in’.

Questions & Answers

There have been 1000’s of personal development books, audios, & DVDs produced. What makes this so special?

The problem with much of the personal growth material currently available is that it ‘assumes’ people already have a successful mindset. Too many people purchase book after book but see no real progress in their lives.

This next video describes what is actually going on in our minds and why people just end up with a bookcase full of books, but no millionaire mansion to put the bookcase in (and no it’s NOT to do with failure to take action – it’s much more than that).

What makes Successful Personal Growth such an authority on the Bug Free Mind process?

We initially purchased the two books (together with the audios) in October 2013, and have already gone through both books several times. At the same time, we joined the Bug Free World private members forum and have been active participants ever since.

Shortly after our initial outlay, we purchased the Success Made Simple video course and are working our way through that (This is drip-fed into a members area and is the reason why we haven’t completed this review yet).

Why have you produced such long, in-depth reviews of the content?

If you have read any of our in-depth reviews on this subject, you would have noticed that they are long….. VERY LONG!!!!

We have a very good understanding of what Andy Shaw is teaching and really think that he’s ‘nailed it’ with respect to the fact that people read (or listen to) far too much self-improvement material…. without actually consuming any of it. In other words, they are STILL not successful. The Bug Free Mind system changes all of that.

But, the material is not cheap – whichever format you choose. Therefore, people are (understandably) going to want to see an in-depth review before they part with their money.

We looked around but couldn’t see anyone with a review of the content, so we decided to ‘fill the gap’ (actually a couple of people wrote to us and asked if we had heard of the Bug Free Mind process and that prompted us to investigate further).

What Andy is teaching is brilliant and does have the potential to REALLY change lives. We could have written the standard 500 words and said “Go here and buy it now”. However, that wouldn’t cut it – you would have just gone and looked for better reviews (of which there are none at the moment).

If you’ve done in-depth reviews, what is this overview for?

The purpose of this review is to provide you with some of the more generic information about the books and audios – without clouding the issue with lots of the detailed content.

If you would rather cut straight to the content, then just click on one of the links are the top of the page where we summarize every chapter of each of the books.

The Bug Free Mind Books

Creating a Bug Free Mind is the first in a two book series. The second book is called Using a Bug Free Mind. The author, Andy Shaw, originally intended for this to be one book. However, the first book has ended up over 500 pages in length and the second book is over 400 pages.

Creating a Bug Free Mind Creating a Bug Free Mind Book

  • Originally produced – 2010
  • Second edition – May 2012
  • Third edition – September 2013
  • Price marked on book – $63.00 / £40.00
  • Introduction – 31 pages
  • Main content – 497 pages (28 chapters)
  • Appendices & additional material – 23 pages
  • Total Pages – 551 pages

Using a Bug Free Mind Using a Bug Free Mind Book

  • Originally produced – 2010
  • Second edition – (unknown publishing date)
  • Price marked on book – $63.00 / £40.00
  • Introduction – 23 pages
  • Main content – 355 pages (20 chapters)
  • Appendices & additional material – 23 pages
  • Total Pages – 401 pages

The Bug Free Mind Audio Versions

Many people struggle to focus on books of this length and so maybe the audio versions would be better for them. Andy Shaw (the author) reads the audios himself and he does so in a very engaging style – emphasizing the parts of the books that were written in bold, italic or capital letters.

One thing of note, however, is there are slightly more content in the books, but not very much. As we were going through the books we listened to the audios at the same time. In doing so, it was noticeable that, in parts, there were a couple of additional lines in the book that were not readout on the audios. That said, if you do only get the audios, you will not be missing out on any of the crucial content.

Creating a Bug Free Mind Bug Free Mind Audios

  • 30 Audio Chapters
  • Total listening time : Nearly 18 hours

Using a Bug Free Mind

  • 22 Audio Chapters
  • Total listening time : Over 13 hours

Success Made Simple Video Course Success MAde Simple Video Version

This is the combined Creating a Bug Free Mind and Using a Bug Free Mind books / audios, in on-line video format. This will really appeal to those who want to sit back and just watch.

The downside to the video version is that you do not get them all at once. The first 20 videos are received when you sign up. After that are drip fed into an online member’s area – one video every 2-3 days.

Andy deliberately pulls the hand-brake up on these because, as he suggests in the books and audios, you really need to take this slowly. The temptation to rush should be resisted at all costs – the reasons are further explained in the course.

It is anticipated that there will be 400 videos on completion – which makes this one of a kind. We don’t know of any personal development video program anywhere near this length.

Each video is no more than 15 minutes long, so it’s nice to get ‘bite sized’ information. However, Andy does challenge the viewer with some really thought-provoking questions below each one.

The advantage of the videos, over the books and audios, is that members get to ask questions below each video… which Andy personally answers.

A Bug Free World – On-line Community

We will not delve too deeply into the private members’ area here, as we have a separate article devoted to this. What we can say is that this is a fantastic addition to the books, audios, and Success Made Simple video course.

Depending on the promotion, you might actually get the member’s area included with your book, audio, or Success Made Simple purchase.

Being surrounded by like-minded people is crucial for any personal growth program – which is why we have our own on-line community on Facebook (which you are welcome to join for free).

Where I Can Get the Bug Free Mind PDFs, Books & Audios?

Andy Shaw’s Bug Free Mind books and audios are fantastic – but he doesn’t make it easy for you to purchase them.

There are a few questions that we often get asked about this book such as:

  • Is there a free PDF version?
  • Can you download this book?
  • Is it available on Amazon?
  • Can we provide a Bug Free Mind coupon code?

As we have already mentioned, we have articles on this site about ‘Creating A Bug Free Mind’ and ‘Using A Bug Free Mind’. Also we have an on-going article on the ‘Success Made Simple’ video course, plus another post about his private members group ‘A Bug Free World’.

However, in this section of the article, we are going to tell you:

  • Where you can get a free PDF download of Creating A Bug Free Mind.
  • Where you can purchase the books and audio versions.
  • Why Amazon is not a good place to purchase the books (on the rare occasions they are even available there).

A Bug Free Mind Free PDF Bug Free Mind Free Chapters

You may have heard that there is a free PDF available. This is true…. partly.

You can download the first 5 chapters of the book here.

Can I purchase the Bug Free Mind books and audios on amazon?


Firstly you will not be able to buy the audios anywhere other than Andy Shaw’s official Bug free Mind website.


The author himself only releases the books on this platform or any other platform outside of this own membership site. We have not even seen 2nd hand copies on Amazon or Ebay (once you have them you won’t be letting them go).

Where Can I Purchase A Bug Free Mind?

Shaw used to only release these books a couple of times a year. Why? We think for the following reasons:

  • Andy is constantly improving these books based on the feedback that he gets (there’s been 3 versions of the books since 2010).
  • Any changes to the books, requires amendments to the audio versions and this obviously takes time.

So he doesn’t want to sell older versions of the books & audios if there are new versions in the pipe-line. He’d seemingly rather take them off sale completely until the new versions are available.

However, in more recent times they have been made available for longer periods. Currently you can purchase the books or audios from the link below.

Link to A Bug Free Mind – Books and audios

Further Information

Click on any of the blue links below to read more.

Book 1: Creating A Bug Free Mind

A full review of the 28 chapter book which will finally clear baggage from your past and stop you fretting about the future.

Book 2: Using A Bug Free Mind

A full review of the 20 chapter book. Having cleared the bugs from your mind, it’s time to move on to guaranteed success.

Video Course: Success Made Simple

All 400 videos will (eventually) be reviewed here. We are reviewing them as we get them.

Members Community: Bug Free World

We open the doors, so you get to see what this high achievers ‘exclusive club’ has to offer.

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