Attract Anything – Jon Mercer (Review & Mega-Bonus)

This is our comprehensive review of the brilliant law of attraction program “Attract Anything” by Jon Mercer. Attract Anything Course

Normally, when we do these reviews, we don’t say whether you should buy the product or not. We just let you what you’re getting for your money and let YOU make the decision. However, this one’s different.

Attract Anything is not just wishful ‘positive thinking’. In fact, don’t even read our review – just go straight to their web-site and buy it. SERIOUSLY. If you have got ANY interest in the law of attraction, just get this brilliant program!!!!!

It’s fantastic value for money and it WILL make the law of attraction seem a whole lot clearer. Even we had several “a-ha” moments when going through this program (and we’re already experts in the law of attraction).

Just take a look at the official website and make the most of the free subliminal videos on offer.

CLICK HERE: Attract Anything Official Web-site.

Those of you who follow us on social media will note that we haven’t been as active on there recently. Digesting THIS PROGRAM was the reason why, it’s been that good.

Manifesting More in to Our Lives

Attraction, Manifestation, the law of attraction, it doesn’t matter what you call it, we all want to know how to attract more into our lives:

  • More money, prosperity and affluence.
  • A nice house or car.
  • Find a new partner or the ability to improve an existing relationship.
  • A job or promotion.
  • A better career.
  • A dream holiday.
  • Develop the perfect body or sick to a weight loss program.
  • Gain better health and levels of fitness.
  • Or just to attract better luck.

Most of us at some stage in our lives have ‘wanted’ something more.

We have read law of attraction books from all of these authors; and they all produce great material. However, now we’ve come across something we believe is even better. Jon Mercer’s “Attract Anything” program. And it is incredible value for money.

If you have read any of the previously mentioned books, but have problems actually applying the law of attraction, then this is the program that you need.

Who is Jon Mercer? Jon Mercer Image

Jon Mercer is a personal development coach and NLP master practitioner. He’s also the managing director of Youniverse LLC; and the author of “Stronger Better Happier – Amazing Techniques to Remake Your Life” (check out the links below to learn more about this book).

Law of Attraction Success Story from Jon Mercer

Attract Anything Review

“Attract Anything” is an advanced downloadable law Of attraction coaching program. It features both coaching videos and audios, plus subliminal wealth videos and audios. You even get subliminal software.

Here is a full list of the program’s contents:

  • Read Me Guide (11 page PDF).
  • Attract Anything Coaching Videos (14 Videos – over 2 hours of content).
  • Attract Anything Coaching Audios (13 Videos – approx 2 hours of content).
  • The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles – audio version (nearly 2.5 hours of content).
  • Other video training (1 video 11 mins 44 secs).
  • Other audio training (3 audios approx 24 minutes).
  • 5 subliminal videos (nearly 1 hour of subliminal content).
  • 3 subliminal audio tracks (over 25 minutes of content).
  • Millionaire Mindset subliminal software.

For a limited time, we are also going to include a bonus of 66 (YES – sixty-six!!!) personal development ebooks (see details below). Included in these books are a further 2 law of attraction books, and lots of other closely related material.

Let’s now look at the content of “Attract Anything” in more detail.

Read Me Guide (11 page PDF)Attract Anything Review

You get a PDF, which you really do need to read first. This is brilliant and is TOTALLY necessary. If you don’t follow the simple instructions printed in this book then you are likely to get overwhelmed with the amount of downloadable files contained in the main course.

Written by Jon Mercer, it clearly sets out what you need to do to get organized.

The problem many people have today is sheer overwhelm – being flooded with information, and this package is not different. However, if you read this guide, then implement the recipe, you will be in a much better position to make your manifestation dreams come true.

Attract Anything Videos (14 Videos)

Jon Mercer is the talking head for all of these videos. There is nothing particular to watch, other than Jon talking to camera and the occasional sub-title appearing on the screen. However, there are also some really powerful topic-related quotes which appear on the screen every couple of minutes, which add to Jon’s positive messages.

It is the simplicity of these videos which is why the content is easily converted to audio mp3 format (which you also get with this course). This enables you to re-enforce the messages if you are on the move.

We are now going to walk through each of the videos.

Video 1 – What is the law of attraction? (10 minutes 37 seconds)

Jon provides an excellent introduction to the law of attraction, comparing the law of attraction with gravity. He then goes into a lot more detail about the law of attraction – touching on vibrations, quantum physics, and string theory.

Mercer then gives an example of how you can attract bad things into your life, as well as good. Is a run of bad luck just a strange coincidence, or are we actually attracting good AND bad events?

Finally he talks about the difference between ‘feeling’ and ‘wanting’. Wanting is not going to get you what you ‘want’.

Video 2 – The State of Gratitude (10 mins 32 secs)

Jon starts off this video talking about the importance of gratitude. He tells us how he uses the ‘attitude of gratitude’ and what exactly he does to make this work for him – even when he’s having a bad day.

In the second half of this video, Jon introduces the topics of imagination and visualization and explains how you should be using these. He has great recommendations for those people who start to visualize and either get bored or negative thoughts start creeping into their heads (something most people can relate to).

Video 3 – The Power of Imagination (9 mins 50 secs)

Imagination is covered in more depth in this video. The thought of ‘living in a dream world’ and turning your back on realty will not sit comfortable with everyone…. BUT IT WORKS!!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein.

In the final segment of this video, Jon explains why focusing on the poor is not a good thing.

Video 4 – Competition (10 mins 14 secs)

Competition is not a good state of mind. The concept of competition is based on lack. It assumes that there is not enough for everyone, which is actually not true. The best things in life are free and there’s an abundance of them.

Jon then reveals what you need to do to prosper and be successful. It’s the foundation for everything.

Here is video 4.

Video 5 – Selfish (7 mins 42 secs)

Isn’t the law of attraction just a cover for being selfish?

It’s an interesting question which is answered in this video. We learn why it is important to ‘think of ourselves’.

At the end of this video, Jon looks at the false notion that if everyone ‘goes for it’ then the world will eventually ‘run out’ of ‘stuff’.

Video 6 – Reality vs Beliefs (9 mins 13 secs)

This video might be a bit tough for some people to grasp. Jon explains that we don’t live in our reality, we actually live in our beliefs. Jon provides an excellent example of how this actually works. Once you hear this story you will NEVER look at life the same way again.

The second half of this module looks at the difference between “having” something and “experiencing” something. Again Mercer gives an excellent example of how very often we ‘have’ things in our lives, yet we don’t really ‘experience’ them.

If you open your eyes to what you already have – you’ll be really surprised at what’s already there.

The final part of this video, Jon touches on wealth and the law of attraction. He proves that we are all wealthy in reality. However, do we all experience this wealth? (Don’t worry if this seems confusing this is explained fully in the video)

Understanding and accepting that you are currently wealthy, and then being grateful for this wealth, will inevitably lead you to experience more wealth.

What (or who) are you comparing your wealth with?

Video 7 – Being Afraid to Ask (7 mins 42 secs)

What do you really want?

You get back into your life what it is that you are sending out. So if you’re “not sure” what it is that you want, then you are going to get back “not sure” from the universe.

Have you ever wondered why the children of successful people also grow up to be successful (very often in a totally unrelated field of endeavor)? This video gives a big clue.

The law of attraction should be effortless. Jon provides a couple of brilliant answers if you are struggling to find out what it is that you really want in life.

Video 8 – Common Mistakes with the Law of Attraction (10 mins 01 sec)

The following questions are answered in this video:

  • Should you be monitoring your thoughts, in order to banish negativity?
  • Do you need to become a law of attraction professional to really see success?
  • If you finally get to see some success with the law of attraction…. isn’t that just “luck”?
  • What to do when “life” just comes along to wash any the law of attraction progress away.
  • What to do if you don’t see immediate success with the law of attraction.

You can choose what type of universe you live in. Are you giving off positive energy or negative energy?

Don’t ‘resist’ the law of attraction. It’s there whether you like it or not. Make it your friend.

Attract Anything Banner


Video 9 – Giving and Receiving (12 mins 26 secs)

It’s counter-intuitive, but many people become wealthy simply by giving. In this video Jon explains how exactly that works.

If you do decide to give, you MUST give freely and feel good about doing so. And if you are offered something, then get into to the habit of graciously accepting it. This helps the flow of wealth.

There is a lot of negativity in the world about wealth. Jon Mercer convincingly challenges some of these ideas in this video.

In the final part of this video, Jon defines wealth and abundance….. and it’s not what you might think it to be.

Video 10 – Get Clear About What You Really Want (6 mins 38 secs)

If you don’t know what exactly it is that you want in your life (and not many people do), then Jon has the best strategy for finding out what it is. It’s so simple, yet so brilliant.

Video 11 – Law of Attraction in Day to Day Life (9 mins 00 secs)

This module looks at some barriers and hurdles that people encounter when trying to make the law of attraction work for them. The topics covered include:

  • Success phobias.
  • Breaking out of the comfort zone.
  • Change is constant – embrace it and keep progressing.
  • Don’t become impatient with the law of attraction.
  • If you send out mixed messages, you will get mixed success back.
  • We are all unified and therefore obey the same laws of the universe.

Video 12 – How to Deal With Negative People (8 mins 45 secs)

Whilst our own friends and family members do want us to succeed, their own egos will frequently get in the way; and they will subconsciously do things to ‘keep us down’.

Jon talks very frankly in this video about what you have to do if you want to really progress in your life. Ultimately, you may have to cut the ties with negative people, although he does provide some tips that you can implement before it gets to that stage.

At the end of this video, Jon talks about what you need to do if you have just come out of a relationship (and it’s NOT what you might think).

Video 13 – Focusing on Your Past (8 mins 52 secs)

Can you achieve future goals, whilst staying focused on issues from your past? Jon explores this common ‘blockage to success’.

“The past has no life of its own, unless you give it one” – Anonymous.

You are given an exercise to do in this video. The thought process behind the exercise is brilliant.

Finally, Jon provides some tips for breaking through old limitations. NLP and visualization is used to a very powerful effect.

Video 14 – A Personal Message from Jon Mercer (8 mins 43 secs)

In this short bonus video, Jon talks a little bit about his own personal story of lack, limitation, and poverty, all the way through to mastering the law of attraction. It’s very inspirational and well worth watching.

He also talks a lot about which metaphysical thinkers and writers have influenced him – starting with Wallace D Wattles.

This bonus video does not have a corresponding audio track.

Bonuses Bonuses

You get several quality bonuses with the “Attract Anything” course.

The Science of Getting Rich (18 audio tracks)

This is an audio version of the book by Wallace D. Wattles, read by Jon Mercer.

It’s not just given to you to ‘fill up space’. This timeless classic is still one of the leading authority works on manifestation and the law of attraction.

Take time to listen very closely to what’s presented in this audio book. It will make you think about abundance totally differently. Jon provides a brief introduction of this classic work.

“The Science of Getting Rich” is Not Just About Making Money.

Attracting Wealth (video & audio) (11 mins 44 secs)

You are already wealthy. Jon Mercer explains why in this video and audio.

Wealth is more than just money and finances. You need to have ‘all round’ wealth and abundance to be really successful.

  • How do YOU feel about rich people?
  • How do you feel about attracting money into your life?

There IS a connection which is explained in the video.

Is competition good in the law of attraction? You might be surprised at the answer.

Reverse Thinking (audio) (5 mins 38 secs)

A short, but very powerful, audio where Jon talks about how we can improve our lives by ‘putting the cart before the horse’. It’s about loving what we already have (even if it’s about loving a current job that we don’t actually love).

Backwards thinking really helps to make the law of attraction work – this audio explains how.

State of Mind (audio) (6 mins 19 secs)

What is the most valuable thing that you have in your life?

Jon explains what your most valuable possession that you have. It’s the same for everyone. He explains what it is and why it’s your most valuable resource.

This asset has to be your top priority and you must take responsibility for it.

Subliminal Recordings Subliminal Recordings Explained

The subliminal videos which come with this course contain binaural beats. If you are not aware of the benefits of binaural beats then we have some good news. “Listening to the Binaural Beat” is one of the bonus ebooks that we provide when you purchase “Attract Anything”.

By watching these videos you are effortlessly re-programming your subconscious for financial success.

Cash Money Magic (video) (10 mins 25 secs)

There are actually 2 of these well produced videos. One is set up for computers and the other is set up for mobile devices – so you get maximum quality either way.

Cash Money Magic uses NLP influenced subliminal text and audio messages to instill a deeper sense of wealth and success consciousness. Some messages are visible and audible, but others are not. This is to bypass your ‘critical factor’ (i.e. the thing that prevents you ‘believing’ that success is truly possible).

It is recommended that you watch this short video twice a day for 30 days to re-program yourself for wealth, abundance and success.

Here is a extract of the video that you’ll be getting.

Enjoy the ride.

Subliminal Wealth Videos

Big Fat Cash Money (20 mins 06 secs)

Set against a hypnotic scrolling vortex of cash, there are lots of subliminal messages flicking onto the screen and spoken out loud to you. There are also some conscious instructions to make you think about certain elements of your life.

By the time you have watched this video you will be buzzing with excitement, yet at the same time you will have a calm serenity that wealth is on its way.

Here is a short clip.

Receiving Wealth – It’s Time to Get Paid (9 mins 14 seconds)

You can see someone counting money from one hand to another. Messages are spoken, there are visual messages over the counting, and subliminal messages fading in and out of the screen.

Here is a short clip to give you an idea of what you can expect.

There is also an audio version of this (8 mins 32 secs).

Abundance (9 mins 12 seconds)

A money counting machine counts your cash, whilst abundant messages are spoken. There are visual and subliminal messages flashed across the screen to enforce the messages.

Here is another short clip of what you will be getting.

There is also an audio version of this (8 mins 32 secs).

Gratitude (9 mins 18 seconds)

Counting the cash in front of you onto a desk. Again, law of attraction messages are spoken and abundance type messages are shown on-screen – both consciously and subconsciously.

There is also an audio version of this (8 mins 39 secs).

Our Free Mega- BonusLiving the Law of Attraction

This program is already great value for money. However, we want to reward action takers and add even more value to the package. That’s why we’ve decided to give away 66 personal development ebooks to whoever purchases “Attract Anything” through any of our links.

This bonus package contains 2 law of attraction books and lots of other manifesting related material. You can see a full list of the bonus books that you’ll be getting here. (The page will open up in another window, so you won’t lose this page).

To claim your free bonus ebooks:

  • Click through to the “Attract Anything” website by clicking on this link and purchase the product by clicking on one of the red “Order Now” oval buttons.
  • Now follow the instructions below.

SPG Simple Bonus Instructions

Final Thoughts

Attract Anything Review


This is by far the best law of attraction package that we’ve ever come across.

This course will teach you how to attract anything you want into your life. Of course we all want to instantly attract things into our lives, but it’s how you apply these teachings which will determine the speed of your success.

The one thing that really struck us, when going through the main video content, is what a brilliant and knowledgeable presenter Jon Mercer is. He has a very calming nature and a delivery which makes the law of attraction concepts easy to understand. He also presents some great law of attraction techniques, which are designed to re-program your mind for success.

So if you are stressed out about not getting what it is that you want from your life, you will immediately be put at ease just by listening to Jon. It’s like having a really good friend sitting with you ‘having a chat’.

It doesn’t matter if you are stressed out about finances, your career, not being able to find love, or a job, or anything else. Just give yourself a couple of hours and you WILL start to have a different perspective on life.

Your problems won’t magically disappear, however you will immediately be in a better frame of mind to take ‘the next step’.

We wish you a great deal of success in setting your intentions; and much luck and happiness with your results.

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