Top 10 Beach Scene Relaxation Videos

Welcome to our beach scene relaxation videos. Here we have picked out our favorite videos that you can play right now to bring instant relaxation to your life.

However, before you watch any of the videos, we highly recommend that you read our short article on How to Benefit from free Relaxation & Stress Management Videos.

That article will tell you : Beach Scene Relaxation Videos [image]

  • The health benefits of watching these videos
  • When we watch these videos
  • Why we watch these videos
  • What you need to do so set up your computer to ensure optimum viewing (you shouldn’t just scroll down press ‘play’)
  • We will show you how to get rid of the annoying boxes that keep popping up AND how to get High Definition quality

Why beach scene relaxation videos ?

Many of us would have been lucky enough, at some stage of our lives, to have taken a vacation. More than likely, that vacation would have resulted in a trip to the beach.

Of course, beaches can be a fun place, full of activity. However, many of us associate them with lying back in a totally relaxed state in the warm sun, listening to the ocean waves lapping at the shore.

We have specifically picked these videos for their picture quality, relaxing sounds (with and without accompanying music), and overall calming sensations that each provide.

We have watched, and indeed used, all of these videos (and have also watched many more that didn’t make our final cut).

For each video we are going to give you a short introduction explaining what you are about to see and hear.

Some of the videos will be just a few minutes long, whilst others last for several hours. Whatever time you have available, just kick back, press play (after reading our video set up recommendations) and relaxxxxxxx.

#1 – 1 Hour of Relaxing Ocean Waves at Sunset

As the title says, it’s 1 hour (and 4 seconds) of shallow waves lapping against the shore as the sun sets in the background. There is no music with this, just the constant hiss of the waves hitting the shoreline. It is very atmospheric if you play it at night and on a large screen.

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#2 – Relaxing 3 Hour Video of A Tropical Beach with Blue Sky White Sand and Palm Tree

Another shallow beach allows for the gentle lapping of waves. Brilliant blue sky, turquoise waters, and a white sandy beach add to the feeling of being right there on that tropical beach. In addition to the lapping waves, are the sounds of seagulls crying out add to the real coastal feel.

Again, there isn’t any relaxing musical with this video…. but then you are on a beach, just let the waves do the singing. If you ever get bored with watching the waves, then just watch that palm tree swaying gently in the ocean breeze. You’ve got plenty of time, this is one of the longer videos.

Finally, watch out for that baby shark, who swims close to the shore (we’re not going to tell you when).

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This is a short video of just over 7 minutes. It’s actually not a video at all but just a static picture. However, there is the relaxing roll of the surf as an acoustic guitar is played along side.

Perfect for those short bursts of chill-out  – you can close your eyes with this one, or have it on in the background whilst you are contemplating what to put on your vision board.

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#4 – Relaxing 3 Hour Video of a Waterfall on an Ocean Beach at Sunset

This video has waves AND a waterfall. From the cliff-top you are overlooking a delightful little bay, with turquoise waters and white surf. But if you look in the middle of the video you’ll also see a white stream of water flowing out from the rocks.

There is no music with this, but we are intrigued with that’s going on with the white surf in the middle of the ocean in the distance. Can you tell what it is ?

It does say in the title that this is at sunset and for the first 2 hours it doesn’t look like the sun’s going anywhere. However, in the final 20 minutes you do start to see a lovely golden glow on the rocks, which clearly indicates the sun is departing for another day.

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#5 – (Nature Relaxation Video w/ Music) Golden Sunset on the Shores of California

This truly is a golden sunset. The waves seem to hiss at you, and the atmospheric music makes your muscles melt into relaxation.

The camerawork on this is quite superb, with the images so sharp, even at 360p quality.

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 #6 – Meditation on the beach with ocean waves – relaxation video

This one is for those people who really want to dip their toe on the water. Here you are right on the beach and really can almost touch the ocean.

It’s also only just over 5 minutes long, so if you’re a bit short of time, then this one is for you. There is no music with this, just the relaxing sounds of the gentle waves lapping at the bright sandy beach. The view does change about half-way through, but the sounds remain perfectly relaxing.

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#7 – Relaxing Music Soft Calming Tracks with Ocean Webcam

Beach, surf and relaxing ambient music. This really is one of our favorites.

The only irritation to this is the couple of commercials which appear in the video (although you can skip them after 5 seconds) . After each commercial the scene does change, but the music remains as relaxing as ever.

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 #8 – Window Views with relaxing sounds of waves

This one is just short of 3 minutes long – with fantastic wave and wind sounds (no music).

However, what really sets this one off is the mock windows that are set up in the shot. It is quite realistic and if you have this on a large screen with the lights off, it really is like having your own home over-looking the beach.

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#9 – “Wave Sounds” 60min Sunrise at “The Beach”

This one is a sunrise. the gentle hiss of the waves is perfect for that total relaxing sensation. Every so often you get the chirp of a sea-bird to add to the atmosphere.

However, the ever-growing brightness of the sun is sure to wake you up….AND THEN…. at 31:47 is the first glimpse of the sun. At first it’s just a small dot on the horizon, but it soon rises, creating a fantastic silhouette for the wooden pillars that are driven into the sand. Be careful of that large bird flying across the screen just after 59:00 though.

The sun is shining brightly by the end of the video, and it’s time for you to wake up…. Feeling totally refreshed and rearing to go.

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#10 – (Nature Relaxation w/Music) Soothing Ocean Sunset – San Francisco’s Baker Beach

The hypnotic whispering of the waves and looping music will soon have you drifting off to sleep as the sun sets across the various scenes in this video.

At less than 8 minutes, it’s not long…. but long enough for you to melt away the stresses of the day.

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We hope you enjoyed these relaxing beach videos. We will be posting more ‘Top 10s’ soon. Feel free to sign up for our website updates (using the box at the top of the page on the right hand side), so you get to see what ‘Top 10’ we choose next time.

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