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Welcome to the best inspirational videos on YouTube. These videos are not designed to motivate you, but to inspire you – there is a difference. Either way, you WILL leave this page a different person. Best Inspirational Videos

We do have a Top 10 Motivational Videos article in the pipeline, which we shall publish in the next couple of days.

Everyone needs to see / hear / read about an inspiring story every now and again. And there is nothing more inspirational than to see a story where people have beaten all the odds to achieve greatness.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a teacher, a sportsperson, a wannabe movie star, or a hardworking parent looking for inspirational viewing for you or your kids. There is something here for everyone.

We’ve tended to stay away from the typical motivational speech type videos for this article, in order to focus in real life experiences. Actions speak louder than words – as the saying goes.

If you can’t watch them all today, then come back when you next need something to inspire you.

Ohhhh, and you might need to have some tissues with you when you watch some of these heart-tugging stories.

Best Inspirational Videos

TMB Panyee FC short film

This is the true story about a group of boys who want to play football. But they have a problem…. a BIG problem.

Initially they were laughed at because of their ‘impossible’ idea. However, they persisted with their goal, and eventually took their dream to a whole new level.

Nicholas James Vujicic – No arms, No legs, No worries!

The edited version of this has been circling round the social media channels for some time. However, we have the longer version here.

Born with Tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs.

In this video, Nick Vujicic takes the brave step of talking to a school. Now children can be a cruel bunch. However, his humor and inspirational talk leaves the kids with open mouths and teary eyes.

Nick’s story will inspire you to take a look at your own circumstances and ask, “What’s my excuse?”.

Derek Redmond in the 1992 Olympics

Derek Redmond was finally fulfilling a dream. He had reached the semi-final of the 400 meters in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. He was in the form of his life and stood an excellent chance of going through to the final.

BANG !!! The gun goes off and out of his blocks he flew. The crowd roared on the 8 competitors, as Redmond chased down the 3 guys in the outside lanes.

Then without warning, half-way down the back straight, his dream dramatically ended. However, the next couple of minutes produced fame of quite a different kind. One that still follows him more than 20 years later.

A powerful inspirational true story…Don’t give up!

A Girl Takes a Terrible Fall During a Race

We are staying on the running track for our next moment of inspiration. We’ve seen many an occasion when someone gets tripped on the running track. This usually results in the athlete either cursing their luck; or left feeling mortified and in tears.

Very few carry on if they have a bad fall. I mean, where is the glory in finishing miles behind the other athletes?

Heather Dorniden had a quite different mindset about what to do when she hit the track.

We apologise for the actual video quality of this one.

Arthur’s Transformation (Extended Cut)

This is another video, whose edited version has received widespread popularity via social media. Once again we have the extended cut, which tells even more of the story.

Arthur is an ex-army marine who damaged his spine and was told that he’s never walk unaided again. An indeed when we first see Arthur he does not look in good shape at all.

However, the transformation you see by the end of the video is quite remarkable. If you ever start making excuses for not doing exercise in the future, then you need to come back to this video and think again.

Michal Marosi Crazy Wall-ride

Okay this video is just beyond crazy.

You’re in a 3-main cycle race and are leading comfortably. So you try to ‘show off’ a bit and end up eating the dirt. The other guys flash past you, leaving you in a trail of dust. It’s probably best just to slip off the track and hope that no-one noticed right?


But hang on a minute, what chance do you have? There’s no room to overtake them and the finishing line is just meters away.

You think you’ve been defeated in your life? Think again!!!

The Death Crawl Scene from Facing the Giants

This next one is fictional. However, it does go to show what is possible in life. No-doubt what you see in the following video has been played out on sporting fields all across the land…… by those who REALLY want it.

Wheelchair Freestyle – Wheelz – Gnarly!

Aaron Fotheringham, aka “Wheelz” is a 22-year-old extreme wheelchair athlete who performs tricks adapted from skateboarding and BMX.

Fotheringham has spina-bifida and has used a wheelchair since the age of three. However, he now uses a wheel chair like you would never have seen before.

There are a few videos on YouTube of Aaron in action. However, this is a nice little compilation of his skills.

Of course, just like any BMX rider or skateboarder, Aaron doesn’t always nail the jumps. But that’s what makes this even more inspirational…..

He keeps getting up and going again.

From Struggle Comes Success – Inspirational Video

This is Josef Azam’s story in a short documentary. Simple yet powerful messages. Finishing with the following quote:

“Without ambition, one starts nothing. Without work, one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it. – Ralph Waldo Emerson?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Amazing Motivational Story

This video tells the story of how Arnold Schwarzenegger got started in his bodybuilding career. He had so many BIG hurdles in his way – but he was so focused of getting to his goal.

  • Then they said that he’d never become an actor, but for him the goal was there and he was going to get it.
  • Then they said he would never become Governor of California, but for him the goal was there and he was going to get it.

This is an amazing story in itself. However, just consider what he went through to get his goal. How can you relate that to where you are now and the potential obstacles in the way to your goal.

Final Thoughts

Just when you think everything is lost…… think again. You are never beaten… EVER !!!

We hope that you enjoyed the “Best Inspirational Videos” and are able to take something away from the messages in these videos. Please feel free to share, using the social media links below.

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