Clinical Hypnotherapist or Hypnosis MP3 Download?

What offers better value for money: a Clinical Hypnotherapist or hypnosis mp3 download? We weigh up the pros and cons of each. Clinical Hypnotherapist or Hypnosis MP3 Download

Why Hypnosis?

There are many people turning to hypnosis either because they are not seeing results with traditional forms of treatment; or in order to assist the progress of traditional forms of treatment.

We have spent over 20 years using hypnosis and have first-hand experience on the benefits that it can provide. We even have one of our team currently studying to be a certified hypnotist. If you are interested, you can take a home-study hypnosis course here (and it’s a lot cheaper than you might think).

Hypnosis: An ‘Alternative’ or a ‘Complimentary’ Therapy?

Clinical hypnotherapists are becoming ever more popular and are now accepted as people who can offer real benefits in treating patients.

Hypnosis used to be called an ‘alternative’ therapy. However, now it’s actually seen as a ‘complimentary’ therapy. Meaning that it has finally been accepted into the medical profession to be used in conjunction with traditional forms of treatment.

Whatever term you want to give it, there is no doubting that more and more people are turning to hypnosis, with many testimonials confirming its effectiveness.

So what about those professional, clinical hypnotherapists. There are many out there. Two of the more famous are:

  • Steve G Jones, in the USA.
  • Paul McKenna, in the UK.

After a career as a radio DJ, Paul actually made his name as a stage hypnotist, but then decided that he could make better use of his skills to help others.

These guys have brought the practise of hypnotherapy to an even wider audience, whilst debunking the myths that hypnotherapy is just a load of woo-woo mind nonsense.

Pros and Cons of Seeing a Clinical Hypnotist

The benefits of seeing a certified hypnotist Qualified Hypnotherapist Image


A qualified hypnotist can offer a bespoke service. After an initial consultation, the hypnotist can really tailor their hypnotic script to meet the patient’s needs.


They can alter their script even midway through the hypnotic process. For example, whilst going through the ‘deepening phase’ of the hypnotic trance, if there is an unexpected noise from outside the hypnotist can actually use that in their script. So it might go something like this:

“And you are now becoming even more relaxed, walking down the stairs. Each step you take, down the stairs, takes you deeper into relaxation……….”

Police siren passes by – outside in the street.

“….and in the distance you can hear a police siren. As the siren fades away you go even further into trance”.

People talking outside.

“…..and you can now hear people talking in the distance. You can’t quite make out what they are saying because you are drifting deeper into trance. Their voices become even more distant and you are able to keep their voices far, far, away.”

If you were listening to a self-hypnosis recording, with no hypnotist in attendance, you are likely to get distracted by either of the above scenarios.


Hypnotists can provide support should the experience start to bring up upsetting thoughts. They can also alter the follow-up consultation to meet any changes in the patient’s circumstances.

The problem with seeing a certified hypnotist

Whilst there are clearly benefits from seeing a hypnotherapist, there are downsides too.


Hypnotists are qualified professionals. And as with all qualified professionals (e.g. doctors, dentists etc.), you do have to pay a premium for spending one-on-one time with them.

For many people, the cost of seeing a qualified hypnotherapist prohibits them from having a meaningful course of treatment after the initial consultation. Having said that, some people respond to just one course of hypnotherapy.


Whilst there are a number of hypnotists in major towns and cities of the western world, if you live in a small village, you might be out of luck. Even if there are a plethora of hypnotists, most people are just too busy to visit one more than once a week.

Having said that, many hypnotherapists will provide a recording of the session – although that won’t be the same quality as a professionally made studio recording (see below).

Qualifications & Competence:

Whilst it is easy to see if the hypnotherapist has qualifications, you won’t necessarily know how experienced they are.

And do they have the competence to perform hypnosis? Whilst they might have the practical knowledge, putting it into practice can be a whole different ball-game.

So what’s the alternative to seeing a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

In the past 30 years, there has been a new development in the hypnosis world – Self-hypnosis.

Of course, hypnosis cassettes have been around for many years, however the quality was never that great and the titles 30+ years ago seemed to be limited to things like: Hypnosis CD

  • Getting a better night’s sleep.
  • Stopping smoking with hypnosis.
  • Meeting the partner of your dreams.

Today, the catalogue has been greatly expanded, with some providers offering more than 200 titles. In addition, the development of CDs and, even more recently, digital downloads has led to a vastly superior and effective product.

Another feature of today’s hypnotic recordings is the technology used to record the tracks. Computerized mixing of today’s digital recordings have allowed for some real advanced tracks to be produced – very often with binaural beats. This slows the brainwaves down – allowing for a more relaxing experience and makes the listener more suggestible to the hypnotist’s scripts.

Benefits of Hypnosis CDs or Downloads

A lot of the following are self-explanatory and are also the polar opposite of seeing a certified clinical hypnotherapist.

Cheap: Hypnosis mp3s

Prices can range from as little as $9. Even at the higher end of the market, it can still work out a lot cheaper than several sessions with a hypnotherapist.


You can play the hypnosis sessions whenever you want. Typically, people will play them last thing at night, just before going to sleep (try booking an appointment with a hypnotherapist at 11:30pm!!).

Drawbacks of Hypnosis CDs or Downloads

Unless you order a bespoke recording (which will be more expensive), then the ‘off-the-shelf’ versions are obviously not going to be designed for your specific needs. Having said that, the off-the-self products are fantastic if you are just starting out with hypnosis.

If you are buying off the internet, you have to make sure that you are purchasing from a reputable supplier. There are a couple of providers that we have used and are delighted with their products (see below).

Our Recommended Providers of Hypnosis & Subliminal Recordings

There are quite a few people that we recommend, having purchased their products ourselves. Here are our top 5.

Hypnosis Recordings:

1. Steve G Jones (SITE LINK)Weight Loss Steve G Jones

We are currently going through Steve G Jones’ hypnosis and NLP trainings – and we wouldn’t be doing that unless he was REALLY good. Just take a look on the right or left-hand side of his webpage for the amazing amount of ‘done for you’ hypnotic downloads and CDs.


2. Brennan Smith Natural Hypnosis (SITE LINK)Weight Loss Brennen Smith

Another one of our favorites, who has inspired us to write some of the hypnosis articles on this site. Take a look at the many categories at the bottom of his home page.


3. Hypnosis Vault (SITE LINK) Weight Loss Hypnosis Vault

Amazing value – Buy 1 Hypnosis session and get 17 more for free !!!


Subliminal Recordings:

If guided hypnosis sessions are not your thing, then how about subliminal recordings? We have two recommended providers, both stacked with lots of great recordings:

Subliminal mp3s

4. Subliminal MP3s (SITE LINK)

These guys offer a massive catalogue of subliminal recordings.


5. Thoughts Inspire (SITE LINK) Thoughts Inspire Weight loss

These guys are currently offering a 60% discount (as at summer 2014).


Make Your Own Hypnosis Recordings

One alternative not covered above is the possibility to make your own hypnosis recording. Joe Vitale & Steve G Jones Product

The software needed can be picked up online for free, plus of course you can design a script to meet your own specific circumstances.

How you actually go about designing a full hypnosis script, is covered in this program.

Reward for Action Takers

If you decide to purchase any of the products recommended on this page, via one of the links on this page, then we’d like provide you with our mega-bonus (of 66 personal development books) for free. Just follow the instructions below.

.Free ebook instructions.

The books you’ll be getting in the mega-bonus can be seen in this link.

Final Thoughts

We use hypnosis CDs and MP3s every day, for all sorts of things (e.g. ensuring that we don’t get writers block, unshakeable motivation, avoiding procrastination) – and we can tell you that they certainly work for us.

Whatever you might need hypnosis for, take a look at the on-line stores from the recommended suppliers (above) to see how they can immediately start to change your life.

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