Complete Vision Board Kit By John Assaraf (2015 Review & Bonus)

Welcome to our review of John Assaraf’s ‘Complete Vision Board Kit’. The Complete Vision Board Kit By John Assaraf

We hope that you’ve had a chance to read our comprehensive article on “How to Make a Vision Board”. If you have already read it, then you will have enough information to make a start.

However, if you are looking for extra information (maybe a bit of inspiration on how this process actually works), or maybe you have started to make a board and quickly ‘got stuck’ (a common problem). Either way, this article will have you covered.

We also have details of a fantastic Mega-Bonus of 66 personal development ebooks that we shall give you for free, if you purchase the vision board kit today (see detials below).

John Assaraf was featured in the Law of Attraction movie “The Secret” and a big part of his success story was what happened 6 years after he created his own board.

Here is a behind the scenes look at the house that Assaraf was referring to in “The Secret”. You can actually see the boards that he’s currently working on :

John Assaraf shares his Vision Board

Always listen to someone who has already experienced the success that you are seeking.

The Complete Vision Board Kit – by John Assaraf Review of Assaraf's vision board kit

The kit, which comes in a presentation box, includes:

  • An easy to read 128 page book
  • A 45 minute DVD – “The Secret to Your Best Year Ever”
  • Blank poster size paper
  • A poster of inspirational words and images

The Vision Board Kit – Book (128 Pages)

In the book, John goes into a lot more depth about the science behind why visualizing works. It’s worth reading that one chapter alone to convince you about the effectiveness of this accelerated success conditioning program.

The book is split into 25 chapters and in 3 parts. Throughout the book there are a total of 19 personal stories, which are very inspirational.

Part 1 : The Power Of Vision

  • How vision boards work
  • Your goals and dreams
  • Intention
  • Visualization
  • Your beliefs
  • Affirmations
  • Meditation
  • Positive action
  • Gratitude
  • Moving mountains
  • Visualization in ancient times
  • The modern lineage
  • How visioning shapes our world

Part 2 : Creating The Life Of Your Dreams John Assaraf Book (image)

  • Dream big dreams
  • Make your board
  • Create your visualizations
  • Give yourself a belief makeover
  • Getting it into your head
  • Creating your health
  • Creating your wealth
  • Creating your relationships
  • Creating your career
  • Helping your kids create their dreams
  • The last 2 ‘secret’ ingredients

As touched on previously, there are several stories within the book on how normal people, just like you and I, have used a board to achieve their dreams. If you are in any doubt about the power of manifesting, just take a look at their stories.

Part 3 : Resources

This is a useful part of the book, which should not be overlooked.

  • The resources section in the book provides you with a list of the best writings which complement (but are not essential to) this kit
  • Advice on where to obtain an audio meditation support program
  • John has a section on his own personal website where you can see a wide range of boards that individuals have used to transform their lives

The Vision Board Kit – DVD (40 minute seminar, plus ‘extras’) John Assaraf Seminar DVD

The DVD has two elements to it :

  • Main Seminar Feature
  • Extras

Main Feature – Introduction

The main feature starts with John talking to camera introducing the concept and how it’s helped him get to where he has.

In this short segment, which lasts just under 5 minutes, John confirms that you need to acquire the right beliefs if you are to make your board, and the Law of Attraction, work for you.

Main Feature – Live Seminar

Next, on the DVD, is a recording of Assaraf delivering a 40 minute seminar filmed in San Diego, in front of 10,500 attendees – who had paid between $50 and $1000 to be there.

The main points discussed in the seminar are :

  • Life is so much more than money
  • John Assaraf’s personal journey
  • The importance of goal-setting
  • The science of changing our lives
  • The importance of setting a vision
  • The “what” always comes before the “How”
  • Our brains can tune in or tune out (just like a radio)
  • The power of thoughts
  • How John used affirmations and visualizations to change from the inside out
  • The steps he took when starting off with his board and the focus that was required
  • He re-tells the story that he told in “The Secret”, but in more depth – very moving. He then tells what he did next……
  • How conditioning is in our genetics and developed in our child years
  • Is it possible to re-train the subconscious mind ?
  • How we are conditioned in the physical world by what our brain expects
  • Quantum physics is discussed
  • Emphasis on the fact that you must be willing to take action
  • How they ‘created’ a 10,000 people seminar in just 100 days
  • How the power of a dream (shared only with others who will help and encourage you) creates a powerful resonance in the universe
  • How our brains controls us with doubts and fears when we are breaking out of our comfort zones
  • If you want the best year ever then you MUST change from the inside out
  • The results we see now in our lives are just what we have been thinking about in the past
  • You have to start off in the future………………and work backwards
  • Why you must let go of the past
  • Intuition is our ability to pick up on other people’s vibrations, so we are giving off signals whether we know it or not
  • Everything has a gestation period – plant seeds, mammals, birds in their eggs….. and our ideas / visualization… So don’t get impatient. Believe that the law of attraction will work for you
  • Everything we need is in the universe

The bullet points above really don’t do this justice. It’s a very well presented motivational seminar.

DVD Extras

The ‘Extras’ part of the DVD shows some great examples of vision boards.

  • 4x digital vision boards (created with software)
  • 8x ‘cut and paste’ vision boards (created the traditional way with pictures from magazines)

There are certainly enough of these examples to get your creative juices flowing (and, incidentally, these are backed by some very pleasant background music).

Purchase The Complete Vision Board Kit

 Where can I get the vision board kit ?

Amazon offers some great deals on this kit at the moment (it’s available in several formats : paperback, hard cover, Kindle).

Our Bonus Offer

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Final Thoughts

John Assaraf is living proof that these boards do work – so it’s well worth listening to him.

There is certainly a right way and a wrong way to complete a vision board – it’s NOT just about sticking pretty pictures on a cork-board. If you just do that you will be very disappointed with the results.

We hope that you found our review of John Assaraf’s Vision Board Kit helpful. Please feel free to share this content on Facebook and Twitter, using the buttons below.

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