Top 10 EFT Tapping Videos To Clear Money Blockages

We have 10 fantastic EFT tapping videos on this page, designed to help clear your internal money blockages.

If you are not where you want to be financially then it could be that you have an inner financial blockage. If so, you need to clear that….. and fast…… otherwise you might always be stuck for money.

The free EFT Tapping videos we have below are:EFT Tapping Videos

  1. Paying Bills – Tapping with Brad Yates
  2. Dealing with Debt – EFT with Brad Yates
  3. Being a Money Magnet – Tapping with Brad Yates
  4. Money Magnet Quickie – Tapping with Brad Yates
  5. Financial Fear (worry and stress about not having enough money)
  6. Money Comfort – EFT with Brad Yates
  7. You Are Rich – Money Beyond Belief – EFT with Brad Yates
  8. Allowing Money (and other good stuff) – Tapping with Brad Yates
  9. Enhancing Prosperity Consciousness – Tapping with Brad Yates
  10. Clear the Economic Fear – EFT with Brad Yates

What is EFT?

If you have not come across EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or “Tapping”) before, then we would strongly recommend that you read the following article: Introduction to EFT.

Basically, tapping is a way of breaking the negative poor programming that might be running within you, stopping you from achieving your goals.

If you are familiar with the technique then, remembering that you must take full responsibility for your tapping, you might want to consider choosing one of the Brad Yates videos below and tap along with him.

Each one of the videos below has been carefully chosen, and we provide some narrative about each of the videos, to help you make an informed choice. Debit card debts

“How can tapping on my face help to pay my bills?”

There is evidence that EFT tapping videos work for a number of different problems – It’s often called “Tap on anything”.

We are not saying that a couple of taps on your head will suddenly see your bank account bulging with dollars. However, during the tapping routine it has been known for all sorts of emotions to surface and it maybe that one of these emotions that gets you thinking about ‘why’ you are stuck financially.

For example…….

It could be that you have been avoiding going for that promotion (and therefore an increase in salary), because someone said 5 years ago that you would “never be good enough for a higher position”.

So your lack of money NOW could have been caused by someone’s ‘throw-away comment’ 5 years ago, which has subsequently crushed your confidence without you even realizing. So now you can work on your confidence as your first step to financial abundance.

Or you might remember your parents saying to you when you were young something like:

  • “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know”.
  • “We can’t afford it”.
  • “Rich people are just greedy”.

And, at the time, some of the above statements were probably true. Money might have been harder to come by. However, now there are more opportunities than ever before and just because you “couldn’t afford it” 30 years ago doesn’t mean that you still can’t “afford it” today.

So get your mindset right and a way will be found.


Below the EFT Tapping videos, we answer the question “Does EFT REALLY work?”, which will expand a bit more on what we have already said above.

But, for now, let’s get tapping……..

Top 10 EFT Tapping Videos To Clear Money Blockages

These are all excellent tapping routines, presented by Brad Yates, who is one of the leaders in this field. Simply choose the one that ‘speaks to you’ the most and then:

  • Turn on the video. Brad Yates Tapping videos
  • Listen to Brad’s introduction.
  • Follow along with the tapping points:
    • Karate chop point.
    • Edge of the eye-brow.
    • Side of the eye-socket.
    • Between the nose and the top lip.
    • In the crease between the lower lip and the chin.
    • On the collar-bone point.
    • Underneath the armpit (about 2 inches below).
    • On top of the head.
  • Repeat each affirmation after Brad has spoken it.

The Jessica Ortner “Learn the Tapping Points” video on this page will help you get the exact places to tap.

You will note in all of the EFT Tapping videos below, Brad Yates spends quite a bit of time initially talking through the negative aspects of finances and debt, as he taps. This is okay. It is deliberately designed to get you thinking about the problem.

As he goes through the tapping routine he will slowly bring you to positive affirmations. It is important that you listen very closely to what he is saying and repeat the affirmation after he says it. Try not to let you mind wander off. Stay focused.

1. Paying Bills – Tapping with Brad Yates

Paying bills can be a real worry for many people. This worry can, in a way, make it even more difficult to be in a position to pay them.

If you have a negative association about paying bills you are vibrating negative energies about money. Basically, you are putting up your own barrier in saying “I hate paying bills”. Those negative energies can actually block money from flowing into your life.

Instead, you need to feel grateful for the services that you’ve received that results in the bills that you have to pay. So it’s a mind-set thing that you need to change.

This 8-minute tapping routine helps you to get to the heart of the problem of paying bills.

2. Dealing with Debt – EFT with Brad Yates

Most feel bad if they are saddled with debt. Unfortunately, although it’s a ‘natural’ feeling, that is the worst feeling possible you could have. It is one of the reasons that debt seems to get worse and worse.

But can feeling good about debt really improve the situation? Well, you have a much better chance of improving the situation if you are in a good frame of mind, rather than a bad frame of mind. Remember, if you have debts, then someone thought you trustworthy enough to lend you the money in the first place and you should feel grateful for that – it really will help.

This 9-minute tapping routine will help you break free of the bad feelings around debt. And once you are free of these bad feelings you are in a much stronger position to take the next step.

3. Being a Money Magnet – Tapping with Brad Yates

We are either attracting financial wealth, or repelling it. If you don’t have enough money in your life right now, then you are probably in the repelling phase. It might not have always been like this, and it might not be like that in the future. However, NOW is where you are at and it’s NOW that you want to change, right?

Each of us has a wealth thermostat. Some people’s thermostat is set really highly and they can therefore attract a seemingly endless supply of money. Have you heard of the phrase “Money attracts money”? Well it’s true.

Equally, if you have your financial thermostat set too low then you are really going to struggle to ever attract enough money for your day-to-day needs, let alone have enough for life’s luxuries.

This 7-minute eft tapping routine will help you regulate that thermostat to levels that you really desire.

4. Money Magnet Quickie – Tapping with Brad Yates

This is just a shortened version of attracting money, for those who are a little pressed for time.

5. Financial Fear (worry and stress about not having enough money)

We all rely on money to live our lives. A lack of money is one of the biggest fears that we can possess. And once we have fear, this causes stress. And stress really starts to shut down parts of our brain.

  • We get confused.
  • We find it difficult to focus on what we need to focus on.
  • We miss, or even repel, financial opportunities that are right under our nose.
  • We lose our ability to be creative.

The following tapping routine aims to clear any fears that we might have about money. You will certainly feel a lot more calm after doing this simple 10-minute routine.

Repeat the phrases after Brad Yates and tap on the meridian points. And REALLY listen to what he is saying.

6. Money Comfort – EFT with Brad Yates

Many of us are subconsciously uncomfortable at the thought of having financial wealth and abundance. That might sound crazy, but it’s our poor programming which has led us to believe that to be the case.

Even today there are too many negative associations about money, which inwardly makes us feel uncomfortable. For example, people with money are seen as:

  • greedy
  • selfish
  • or they take advantage of others to get their wealth

Surrounded with such negative emotions in both the media and on social media, is it any wonder that we find ourselves starting to feel uncomfortable about wealth? As a result of this we subconsciously start to repel money, or self-sabotage any chances of getting it.

In reality, having money allows you to do better things for other people. Therefore, wealth should be embraced as a good thing.

You need to be in harmony with the abundant nature of the universe. This 8-minute tapping sequence will help change your mindset.

7. You Are Rich – Money Beyond Belief – EFT with Brad Yates

A lack of money isn’t the problem. It is a symptom of the problem. You need to believe that you are already rich to get you on the road to riches.

But how can you feel rich if you’re not? This 5-minute tapping routine will help you out.

8. Allowing Money (and other good stuff) – Tapping with Brad Yates

When asked what do they want, most people will say “More money”. But is it really more money that they want or is it what that money will actually bring them? For example:

  • More time to do what they want to do.
  • More freedom to do what they want to do.
  • More security.
  • More opportunities.
  • Better health.

But even then we can drill down further and say that we want those things because they will make us happy.

A-ha, so really we just want to be happier, right? But there are loads of ways we can achieve that, without having a bank account full of notes.

However, we all know that because of the world’s reliance on money, that has to be the starting point. And if we don’t have money (or enough of it), then that is a pretty good indication that we are not allowing it to flow into our lives. In other words, we are resisting it.

We need to establish the reasons we are blocking that money and this 8-minute tapping routine will help you with that.

9. Enhancing Prosperity Consciousness – Tapping with Brad Yates

As we’ve mentioned previously, we can often switch-off from opportunities that could bring us financial abundance. There are several reasons for this, but the important thing is to be much more switched-on to those opportunities.

This 5-minute tapping routine is a chance for you to become more ‘switched-on’ to prosperity consciousness.

10. Clear the Economic Fear – EFT with Brad Yates

Poor programming of our own mind often comes from hearing about the wider picture of the economy. We assume that we (as individuals) are doomed, just because other people, companies, or even countries, are going bankrupt. This is not necessarily the case.

In fact, in times of economic pressure there are more millionaires made. You just need your subconscious mind to be alive to the possibilities and not close down as a result of the ‘assumed problems for all’.

Remember, we create our own reality and this 5-minute tapping routine will help you with that.

Does EFT REALLY work?

Okay, you might have looked at some of the above EFT Tapping videos and now be asking the question:

“Are you seriously saying that I just have to tap on my head and say a few affirmations whilst watching one of the above EFT Tapping videos and all of a sudden I will be rich?”

That is a totally understandable question and of course there is a bit more to it than that. In fact, we can explain this in one of two ways.

1. Open-minded about EFT? Then read the following. 

If you are open-minded about new and alternative ways to improve yourself then you might already be aware about manifesting and the law of attraction.

There are a lot of people who struggle to see success with the law of attraction. And the main reason for that is they have internal blockages, which prevent them from moving forward.

By tapping on the perceived problem, you can release those blockages. This, in turn, will make you much more open to the law of attraction. How? By making you consciously aware of the opportunities available to take you closer to what it is you are trying to manifest into your life.

In other words, ‘all of a sudden’ things will seem to go your way and opportunities will fall into your lap. In reality those opportunities were always there but you had an ‘internal blockage’ preventing you from seeing them (just like when you walk past your ‘missing’ car keys 3 times before you finally spot them).

2. Skeptical about EFT? Then read the

What the emotional freedom technique does is to shake your subconscious mind into realizing what it is that has been holding you back. This is why we start off the EFT practice by affirming what the problem is. However, a good tapping routine should always end on a positive note.

So, in answer to the above question:

“Are you seriously saying that I just have to tap on my head and say a few affirmations whilst watching one of the above EFT Tapping videos and all of a sudden I will be rich?”

You are unlikely to suddenly win the lottery just two hours after watching a few EFT Tapping videos. However, what can happen to you is that you release all of those unnecessary blocks that have been holding you back from acquiring wealth (Don’t worry, 99% of people actually have them – that’s why we’re not all rich).

So, for example, something in your past might have made you lose all confidence in yourself. And because of your lack of confidence you have been ‘putting off’ applying for well-paid jobs – instead staying in your comfort zone of lesser paid jobs.

What EFT can do is to get to the cause of that confidence loss and ’emotionally free you from it’.

Now it maybe that you really don’t think that tapping on your head has any correlation with your ability to earn more money. If that is the case, then you might struggle to see success with EFT. Some have called EFT a placebo – but if it works for you then who cares? Either way, you really have to be open-minded and at least meet it half-way.

However, if you really are struggling to grasp the concept or just don’t have the time to sit there tapping away for 10 minutes until you start to see success, then you might want to try a different route.

In those cases, we would highly recommend a hypnotic subliminal CD or mp3 download (Yes, hypnosis for wealth really does exist and is very popular). These can have the same effect by getting to your subconscious mind….. just without the tapping bit. Take a look at our resources section below.

Where can I learn more?

We hope that you take a lot of benefit from the above top 10 EFT tapping videos. However, here are some excellent resources if you want to learn more. EFT Tapping Money

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