Erase Bad Memories Using Self-Hypnosis (Review & Bonus)

Welcome to our article on how to erase bad memories using self-hypnosis.

During the course of a lifetime, we all build up a lot of bad memories. Some we are happy to put to the back of our minds, some are upsetting for us, but others are much more traumatic and keep rearing their ugly heads time and time again.

What sort of bad memories?

We can develop negative emotions as a result of bad recollections from our childhood, such as: Bad childhood experience from past

  • Being bullied at school.
  • Being abused as a child.
  • Doing something that caused an injury (like falling off a bike).
  • Being bitten by a dog which we were tormenting.

Then into adulthood, we can be effected by:

  • Losing a job that we thought was ‘for life’.
  • Being involved in domestic abuse.
  • Being involved in a natural disaster (like a hurricane).
  • Being the victim of crime.
  • Being a victim of terrorism.
  • Losing a loved one (either through death or breaking up).
  • Being involved in a war (or having relatives or loved ones involved in a war).

All of these disasters and catastrophes can really have an effect on us. Bad memories can:

  • Make us fearful.
  • Cause procrastination.
  • Prevent us from taking action.
  • Slow our progress in life.
  • Create great stress in our lives.

Unpleasant memories from our past can affect us EVEN TODAY, by causing us to:

  • Miss out on job opportunities.
  • Prevent us from committing to a relationship.
  • Prevent us from starting a family.

Bad memories can leave you with a feeling of: Worry, shame, anxiety, and guilt. It can also make you defensive and leave you with an inability to trust others. Dwelling on bad memories can make us feel scarred and ultimately leave us with deep emotional and psychological problems.

If you go through an acutely traumatic period, it can lead to acute stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). War veterans typically suffer from playing horrific scenes over and over again – like an echo bouncing back, time and time again.

What about if the memories weren’t bad at the time?

Very often good memories only turn sour as a result of a specific action. This is typical with the break-up of a relationship (see below).

Recovering From a Failed Relationship happy event turned bad

How is it that some people are able to ‘get over someone’ relatively quickly, whilst for others the pain can last for years?

Very often when we split up with someone, we will remember the bad memory of actually splitting up. However, the ‘real pain’ often comes from the fact that we had good memories from when we were ‘happily together’. This is when the regret and remorse kicks in, which magnifies the ‘bad memory’ of splitting-up.

In these instances, you can actually change the ‘association’ you have with the original ‘good’ memories. That means, instead of seeing every moment you had with that person as being ‘heaven on earth’, you change the association and see the good times as being just ‘ok’, or ‘nothing special’. This then dampens down the pain of splitting up.

Don’t feel guilty about doing this; it happens naturally over time anyway. You must have heard of the phrase:

“Time is a great healer”

In other words, you’ll start to think that you didn’t really lose that much by splitting up after all. All we are trying to do is accelerate this natural process – when we often look back and think “what did I ever see in him / her anyway”.

Wait, wait, wait…. Does this make me forget stuff?

Well, not exactly. Our memories are heightened depending on how much an incident meant to us at the time.

So something that really ‘cut deep’ with us at the time (like the break-up of a relationship, or being bitten by a dog) will be something that we are able to recall in an instant – as if it happened yesterday. We’ll remember the sights, the sounds. and the smells – everything that was happening at the time.

However, something insignificant (like what color shoes we was wearing on out 10th birthday) will be much harder, if not impossible, to recall. It’s all about how much of an ’emotional charge’ we had at the time of the incident.

You can ‘dampen’ this emotional charge by reducing the importance of the event in your mind; or changing the ‘association’ which you give to that memory. This takes away the power that it has over you today, freeing you up to have a happier, healthier, and more successful life.

This is achieved using a combination of hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Other memory erasing techniques we won’t be trying

In 2010 it was reported that scientists at Johns Hopkins University developed a pill which would block out painful memories. Tested on mice, it was believed that the results could be transferred to humans.

Separate research studies have suggested that erasing bad memories can also be achieved through shock therapy (electroconvulsive therapy or ECT). Errrr we’ll stick with hypnosis and NLP thanks.

Hypnosis to Erase Bad Memories – How Does That Work?

Conscious vs. subconscious Thinking

So, to summarize, we have 2 minds:

The Conscious Mind

This is used when we have to think about something:

  • When we first start to learn how to drive a car.
  • Are engaged in conversation.

The Subconscious Mind

This is used to run the things that happen on autopilot, such as:

  • Our basic life functions (e.g. heart-beat and digestive system).
  • Our fight or flight response.
  • Our learned behaviors and habits (how we drive once we have fully learnt the process).

Our subconscious mind is also where all of our memories are stored (both the good memories AND the bad ones).

We recommend that you watch the video again from 1:00 – 1:27. There is a key message there which you need to understand before reading on any further.

  • Think of your subconscious mind as a filing cabinet, where all of your memories are stored.
  • Think of the conscious mind as YOU.

Now, with those 2 points clear in your mind, let’s take this a step further:

  • Think of YOU as the boss in an office.
  • If you want a file from the office filing cabinet you ask the secretary to get it for you.
  • The secretary is effectively the ‘retrieval system’.

Now let’s put this analogy in an actual example. Let’s say that you want to remember details of your first day at high-school. Hypnosis to rewire your brain's filing system

  • You ask the secretary to get that file.
  • The secretary goes to the filing cabinet and pulls out a file called “First day at high-school”.
  • The secretary beings you the file.
  • You ‘read’ the file (or ‘recall’ what happened on that day).
  • Then you (the boss) give the file back to the secretary, for it to be filed away.

That is how memory works. You are the boss and you do have access to the filing cabinet (the memories). But you have to send the secretary to actually get the file.

However, the following is what happens when you start to remember something bad from your past.

  • The secretary starts to bring you files that you don’t even want (i.e. you are presented with the bad memories that you’re trying to ‘forget’).
  • The secretary puts the files on your desk, and then gets more files (bad memories).
  • You start to get overwhelmed with all of these unwanted files (bad memories), but the secretary just keeps bringing more and more of them.

So how can hypnosis help with this?

Hypnosis tackles this in two ways:

  • By confusing the secretary.
  • By limiting the secretary’s access to the files.

It’s important to note that hypnosis does not get rid of the filing cabinet. The files (memories) are still there. It’s just that your conscious access to them is ‘disrupted’ or ‘scrambled’. Sometimes called ‘selective memory erasing’.

“That’s a nice ‘theory’, but I want results.”

Erase Bad Memories by Steve G Jones

Steve G Jones has produced one of his most powerful programs, which really will help you to erase bad memories. It is a downloadable audio program consisting of 4 modules plus a self-hypnosis session. It is also available in a physical (CD) version – which is mailed to you.

The whole course is designed so that you ‘intellectually’ get to know how to erase bad memories, In addition, you also get a professionally produced hypnosis audio, which will actually do the erasing for you.

The first of these modules you can hear the video below (read by Steve G Jones himself):

Erase Bad Memories – Dr. Steve G. Jones.

Of course, there is much more to the program than what is in this video.

The program sets out to help you overcome the thoughts, which are forming your bad memories. These memories can stand in your way of future success.

When you think about it, it is madness how we let things from our distant past affect our lives, both now and in the future. Very often, the people who were involved with (or responsible for) those bad memories are not even in our lives anymore. We’ve moved on and changed friends, yet these memories can still haunt us. Steve G Jones’ program also deals with traumatic situations which you’d rather put behind you.

To read more about this program, click on the image below.

Erase Bad Memories Steve G Jones



Erase Bad Memories Bonus

If you decide that Erase Bad Memories by Steve G Jones would be of benefit to you, then we’d like to offer a complimentary gift. Actually it’s a VERY BIG complimentary gift of 66 personal development books. This is our way of appreciating your willingness to banish those bad memories for good.

To see what free books you’ll be getting, click on this link (It opens in a new window, so you won’t lose this page).

Simply follow the instructions below.

  1. Click on the Erasing Bad Memories picture above to take you through to the official Erase Bad Memories web-site.
  2. Purchase the course.
  3. Forward a copy of your email receipt to [email protected]
  4. We shall check that your payment has gone through okay and then email you links to your free bonus books (usually within 24 hours).

Final Thoughts

Whilst we are primarily a personal development company, we understand that harboring bad memories from your past can severely reduce your ability to grow and develop.

We appreciate that ‘Erase Bad Memories’ by Steve G Jones is not going to be for everyone. However, for some people this might just be the breakthrough required to help them throw off the chains, which have been holding them back for so long.

Of course, there is also the ethical question of whether we should be trying to erase unwanted memories from our past. We feel that bad experiences from our past are there so we can learn the lessons from them, NOT to have them as weights round or neck, dragging us down for the rest of our lives.

You may wish to explore ‘Erase Bad Memories’ by Steve G Jones, which is designed as a program to help you. However, anyone who is really suffering from bad memories, as a result of their past, should of course seek the advice of their doctor, or a trained counsellor.

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