How to Benefit from free Relaxation & Stress Management Videos

Welcome to our guide on how to benefit from stress management videos that are freely available on sites such as YouTube .

There are hundreds of fantastic videos available that will have you relaxing at the click of a button; and they are well worth taking advantage of.

We have selected some of our favorite videos; and have categorized them on this site to make life easier for you. We have also put together this short article telling you what you need to do to get the optimum benefit from the videos.

Why you should use relaxation videos ?

Relieve Stress :Free Relaxation & Stress Management Videos [image]

Stress is one of the biggest problems to health in our lives today. There are a number of diseases, illnesses and ailments which result from stress, and yet it is so easy to overcome it.

Increase your work performance :

Being totally relaxed can also help us perform better in our working lives. When we are stressed, our brains go into fight or flight mode and this shuts down the part of our brain used for rational thought. This makes it impossible for us to function at our fullest potential.

Help with goal setting :

These videos are also great if you are looking for inspiration when working on the law of attraction, visualization, or goal-setting.

Entertainment :

These videos are really great to watch – just let your mind take you on a journey.

They’re free :

All you need to do is click play and soak up the fantastic feelings you’ll get from playing each video.

Got no time to watch a video ?

No problem, you can open up a new browser window and just listen to the relaxing nature sounds, whilst you continue surfing the net or working. Some of the videos come with accompanying ambient music in perfect harmony with the sounds of nature. we have selected videos with and without additional music.

How to get the most out of these videos

We have deliberately made these videos small on our pages, so that people watching on mobile devises can access all of the video controls. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t watch them across the full width and height of your screens – whether you are on a full-sized monitor, or a tiny hand-held device.

To enjoy these videos to their fullest, we recommend taking the following actions :

  • Play the video on the biggest reflection-free screen you can get
  • Watch preferably in a darkened room
  • Wear a quality set of head phones

Press ‘Play’ and then :

  • Relaxation Video Full Screen ModeClick on the broken square icon at the bottom right hand corner of the video.


This will stretch the video to the full width and height of your screen. The video may appear blurry for a couple of seconds, but it will soon sharpen up.

The videos should be sharp enough and mostly free of those annoying annotations. However if you are looking for HD quality, then :

  • Click on the YouTube icon, to take you through to the YouTube site.YouTube Icon

Video Annotations [Image]


  • With the video now playing on YouTube, click on the cog symbol and change the resolution quality to the highest that your internet connection will allow buffer-free playing (ideally HD at 720p).
  • Also turn off the annotations.

Enjoy the videos.

Our favorite video collections :

More coming soon

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