How to Break Free From Stress – Free eBook

Following on from our free stress management course, we now have further stress management techniques in a free ebook called “How to break free from stress”. This is available for you to download at no cost.

It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with stress at work, or at home, the stress relieving techniques in this free ebook can be implemented by anyone.

Before we provide you with details on how you can get your hands on this book, we are going to provide a brief overview of its contents.

How to Break Free From Stress – Ebook Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is Stress Anyway?
  • Is There Such a Thing as Positive Stress?
  • What Does Stress Look Like?
  • Causes of Stress
  • Unhealthy Ways you Might be Managing Stress
  • Effective Methods of Stress Management
  • Summary


So how can you break free from a stressful life?

There are lots of things in our everyday lives which have the potential to cause us stress. Unfortunately, we are not always aware of the build up of stress, until it reaches unhealthy levels.

The good news is, there are stress reduction techniques which can easily be implemented to help us manage this problem.

What is Stress Anyway?

Stress can be used to describe a number of different situations. However, it is explained in the book to mean mental and emotional strain and also to describe the challenges which bring on tension, anxiety, and worry.

Other things covered in this chapter:

  • The fight or flight response.
  • The biological reaction which results from fight or flight.
  • The importance of the ‘perceived’ loss of control.

We also look at those situations when stress and anxiety seem to hit us the hardest; and what ‘one thing’ is an integral aspect of stress.

Is There Such a Thing as Positive Stress?

In this chapter, we confirm why stress is sometimes a positive thing to have in our lives. Two examples are provided to confirm why positive stress is sometimes a requirement.

What Does Stress Look Like?

The manifestation of stress appears different in different people. However, there are some clues to look out for. This chapter sets out several signs, such as:causes of stress

  • Recurring physical ailments.
  • A sense of being in a rush.
  • Impatience with other people.
  • Unable to take a break.
  • Recurrent symptoms of chronic illnesses.
  • Overwhelming fatigue.
  • Mood swings.
  • Frequent episodes of crying.
  • Stormy work relationships.
  • Being grouchy toward your kids.
  • Increased arguing and disagreements.
  • Attitude changes.
  • Being obsessive.
  • Feelings of futility.

These are just the headline effects of stress. The book goes into more details about each of these, and how they might be manifesting themselves within you.

Causes of Stress

There are lots of things that can trigger stress.

It is not only the negative things which happen to us, but also there is a list of positive things which can quickly build up our stress levels.

Unhealthy Ways you Might be Managing Stress

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things used by people to treat their own stress, which is not doing them any good.

Typically, people will reach out for alcohol, coffee, or cigarettes, in order to ‘calm themselves down’. However, many of these things are actually stimulants, which just makes the situation worse.

Nutrition is another thing that needs to be carefully monitored. ‘Comfort food’ is a ‘get out’ for the overly worked, stressed person. This does not help the body cope with stress in the longer term. Skipping meals is also a temptation when we have a lot of work on. Poor nutrition just reduces our ability to cope with stressful situations.

Effective Methods of Stress Management

How are you coping with stress?

If you are suffering from stress, then the stress management techniques in this chapter is the part of the book that you’ll most want to read.

There are 20 stress reduction tips explained in this chapter – so there will be something for everyone. If you introduce just 5 of them (very easy to do), then you will see some magnificent changes to the quality of your life.

Of course, there are the obvious stress management suggestions. For example, relaxation techniques, but also other ideas that you wouldn’t necessarily associate as ways to relieve stress.


The short summary of this book, brings together all of the ideas to successfully defuse any pressure in your life.

How to obtain “How to break free from stress”

To obtain your free copy of this ebook, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Visit our free self-help books page.
  2. Scroll down to the section: “4. Google+ Followers Package“.
  3. Follow the instructions.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you can make great use of the natural stress relievers found in the ‘How to break free from stress’ book.

Remember also that we have a free 6-Day stress management course, including lots of supporting videos. Day 1 starts here.

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