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Welcome to our free eBook, providing tips and advice on how to have a successful year.

Can you really lean how to have a successful year just from a simple book ?

ANSWER: Yes, we KNOW you can (we’ve done it !!).


This is NOT a book about how to stick to New Year’s Resolutions

People start off each year making New Year’s Resolutions…. but very few keep these going past January 31st.

The great thing about the book we are giving away is that you can start this process at ANY time of the year.

In fact, we are writing this post on 3rd July – pretty much as far away from the New Year as you can get!!

This is NOT a goal-setting book

We have plans for a whole goal-setting course shortly (which will be made freely available on this site – look for a category tab above on “Goal-setting”).

What is this book ?

The book you will soon have your hands on provides a very easy to follow step-by-step guide on making this year the most successful and profitable one of your life.

The Problem with Personal Development Books

Most personal development books are actually quite off-putting. In fact, a lot of people don’t even get to the end of them. Why is this ?

Too often self-help books are:

  • Too wordy – They just don’t get to the point of what you can do to make positive changes in your life….. TODAY
  • Too complex – You just want a simple system… THAT WORKS
  • Too involved – Giving you too many tasks (writing depressing to-do lists for example) will just leave you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and in a state of wanting to ‘give up’

The book we have cuts through all of that. Its brilliance is in its simplicity. It’s a personal growth book that you WILL want to follow through with.

The other good thing about this book is that you can apply the knowledge to all areas of your life. The book could easily have been titled:

  • How to have a successful year at work
  • How to have a successful year in your home life
  • How to have a successful school year
  • How to have a successful senior year
  • How to have a successful freshman year in college
  • How to have a successful year with your children
  • How to have a successful first year of marriage
  • How to have a successful year after divorce

The leaning points apply to all of those situations, and more…..

How To Have A Successful Year

The actual book is titled, “How To Make This Year THE Year”.

How to Make This Year THE Year

Details of how you can claim your copy can be found at the bottom of this page. In the meantime, we’d like to give you a little taste of what you can expect from it.

“How To Make This Year THE Year” contains 9 suggestions on what you can do to dramatically change your life. And you don’t have to wait for these changes to occur either. You can start seeing the changes immediately.

All you need, before you download this book, is the right attitude and a willingness (but hopefully not a desperation) to make some simple changes.

We were tempted to run through the list of chapters (like we do for most of the product reviews we undertake). However, that would spoil the surprise of what’s to come.

What we can say is that even the most avid follower of personal growth programs is unlikely to be regularly doing more than 3 of the suggestions from this book. So just imagine if you increased that number to 6 of the suggestions from this book !!! Just how much would that improve your life ? Now scale that up over a year. The changes would be MASSIVE !!

There are 1 or 2 ideas that you might initially ‘bulk at’ and think, “I could never do that”. However, read the content in full as there are some compelling arguments WHY you should follow the advice.

What are you ‘giving up’ ?

Personal growth does initially involve what seems like ‘sacrifices’. However, the interesting point is that once you become successful those things that ‘seemed’ like sacrifices suddenly don’t seem like sacrifices at all. In fact, you will soon start to wonder why you previously ‘wasted’ your time and effort with those ‘essential’ parts of your life.

Is this a catch to make you buy more products ?

No. The book provides all of the necessary suggestions that you need. However, you may want to boost your knowledge of some of the recommended suggestions. This can easily be done with the free information that we have right here on

Do WE follow any of the suggestions in this book ?

ANSWER: We do all nine of these life-changing suggestions (and we are VERY HAPPY with the way our lives are progressing).

Just 60 minutes from opening the book you will start to make the necessary changes that your inner-self has been crying out for.

How to claim your copy of “How To Make This Year THE Year”

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  3. One of our team will email you the download link to your book (usually within 24-hours).

There will also be NINE additional personal development gifts waiting for you on the download page as well.

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