How to Increase Productivity

Welcome to our article on how to increase productivity. This is the start of our productivity and time management section.

Here we will look at a number of techniques to get more things done, but in less time. The tips and ideas we will be sharing, over a number of articles, can be used in your personal life and also in your career.

So it doesn’t matter if you are looking to:How to Increase Productivity

  • Increase productivity at home.
  • Looking to increase productivity at work or in business.

Or if you are an employer, maybe you are looking to increase employee productivity?

Whatever your situation, we have ways for you to get more done.

The problem with time

In the past 60 years there have been a number of fantastic inventions which have all been designed to make our lives easier:

  • Personal and public transport has become widespread.
  • The number of time-saving household appliances has increased.
  • The development of personal computing was predicted to leave humans sitting back and doing nothing (yes, really!!).

Of course, we all know that it didn’t quite turn out like that. Somewhere along the line, we have taken on much more work, in both our personal and business lives.

There are increasing pressures, both at home and in our work lives, to:

  • Get more done.
  • Increase our productivity.
  • Improve our time management.
  • Increase our efficiency and effectiveness.

It is becoming more and more obvious that we are expected to undertake more tasks in, what seems like, less time. As a result, we are living in times which are busier than ever.

Why is this happening? Create more time

Home Life

In our home lives, there has been a growing necessity for both parents to work. In the past, it was common for just one parent to work. Meanwhile, the other parent stayed at home to look after the children, whilst completing the necessary household chores.

Today, added financial pressures mean that (frequently) both parents have to work. This means reduced quality family time.

Of course, the past few decades have also seen a marked increase in the number of single parent families. This has resulted in increased workloads for all concerned.

At work

Increasingly, employers are striving to get more work out of their employees. In fact, employees are asked to do much more today than they did 30 or 40 years ago.

Competition from overseas markets, which can often provide cheaper labor, means that home grown workforces have to increase their productivity to ensure that their company remains competitive. This pretty much applies to whatever business sector you are in.

Working from home

In recent years, people have started to ‘work from home’ – not only as self-employed, but also working from home on behalf of their employers.

This enables the comfort of doing your job from familiar surroundings, without the time-sapping burden of travel. However, there are also the home ‘distractions’ which can prevent workers from ‘doing what they should be doing’.

Why is this all a problem?

With this increasing pressure on both our home and work lives, more people are eating fast food and also have less time for regular exercise. The implication of eating poor quality food, plus a lack of regular exercise, is resulting in poor health.

These added workloads, plus poor health, is a dangerous combination. Many people are experiencing stress and this can lead to a number of health related problems and disease.

Not only is this a problem to individuals, but also to employers, who are seeing an increasing number of staff having timeout with sickness.

Unfortunately, this then becomes a downward spiral.

So what’s the answer? improving productivity

As the pressure mounts, people find themselves working harder. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. There is a growing band of people who have ‘had enough’ of working all the hours in the day, and are looking for ways to do more….. but in less time.

‘Work smarter not harder’ is a phrase which has been bandied about the corporate world for 30+ years. But what exactly does that mean?

One of the best ways to tackle this problem is to learn how to increase our productivity by managing our time better. The good news is that this isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

We have a number of fantastic suggestions which really do work. All you need to do is to be willing to try out these ideas.

In the next few weeks, we have a series of articles which will be quite comprehensive. Of course, we recognize that you do not have the time to spend reading articles for hours on end. Therefore, our articles will be to-the-point and in a step-by-step format. This will make the learning, and the application of these ideas, as easy as possible.

In addition, we will be introducing you to some cutting edge productivity and time management software, and showing you what works…. and what doesn’t.

Brain Tracy is a real guru when it comes to productivity and time management. Here is a short video, just to get you thinking about what is possible.

6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity.

Why listen to us?

We have time management specialists at Successful Personal Growth, who have come from the corporate world. We have worked in a data processing center, a call center, and in project management. We are qualified experts in ‘getting jobs done’ efficiently and effectively.

We can now pass on this information to you, so that you will see great improvements with your own output. This will have positive effects on your personal life as well as your business or career life.

Over the coming weeks, we shall be releasing numerous articles, guides, and mini-courses – providing you with a number of fantastic ideas in the areas of:

  • Getting things done efficiently.
  • Getting things done effectively.
  • Improving your productivity.
  • Improving your time management.

What do you need to do now? Increasing efficiency and effectiveness

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