An Introduction to EFT (Tapping) | EFT Disclaimer

This article serves as a very short introduction to EFT (the process also known as Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping).

We do have more in-depth articles and videos on this site about EFT, but this page is ideal if this is the first time you have come across this technique.

You’ll see 5 short videos on this page:

  • What is Tapping? (22 minutes).
  • How to Tap (4 minutes).
  • The Tapping Solution Book (2 minutes).
  • Tapping with Brad Yates (5 minutes).
  • Disclaimer Video (2 minutes).

.Introduction to EFT Tapping.

Introduction to EFT

Nick and Jessica Ortner – The Tapping Solution

In this video, Jessica Ortner interviews Nick Ortner, who is the author of the highly rated book The Tapping Solution and the director of the documentary of the same name.

Every year there is a free on-line summit, called the Tapping World Summit. We attended the 2014 Tapping World Summit in February/March 2014 and will post a review shortly.

What is EFT Tapping?

This video looks at what tapping is, and how it can help you.

The key take aways from this interview are:

  • Tapping is a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology (being the statements which are ‘affirmed’ whilst doing the tapping).
  • Tapping is a weird-looking technique. Even the author of ‘The Tapping Solution’ book admits that, at first glance, the routine makes no sense.
  • There is an endless list of positive results seen with EFT:
    • Pain relief – Examples have shown that pain relief continues long after the tapping routine is administered.
    • Weight loss & cravings – The emotional issues associated with weight problems and cravings can be dealt with using EFT.
    • Finances – Tapping gets to the issues we might have with the limiting beliefs associated with money and finances.
  • The last 5 years has seen more research into Emotional Freedom Technique, to get to understand the science behind it.
  • The first step is to identify what we are actually working on. What is the target problem?
  • Nick then goes through a ‘general’ tapping routine.
  • Be aware that whilst doing a round of tapping, something might pop into you head. Whilst this might not be initially obvious, it could be related to what you believed to be the ‘main issue’.
  • Consider tapping on these ‘secondary issues’ afterwards (i.e. you are now digging down to find the root cause of your ‘issue’).
  • Some people might be concerned that they are saying negative things when doing the ‘set-up statements’. This is known as the ‘Truth statement’, where we are just acknowledging how we are feeling.
  • Being honest with ourselves whilst doing the set-up statement helps release negativity and the emotion associated with the problem.
  • Many of the pains we feel, where not caused by physical injury, are in fact related to emotional issues.
  • Tapping is generally seen as a safe technique – however if you are dealing with real traumas from your past, then you should do this technique with a qualified practitioner.

In the following video, Jessica talks through the tapping routine in a little more detail.

How to Tap: Emotional Freedom Technique Informational video

  • The first tapping point is known as the karate chop point, on the outside of the hand (below the little finger).
  • The initial statement is repeated on the karate chop point and this merely confirms what your issue is.
  • For example, you might say:
    • “Even though I have [the problem], I choose to love and accept myself”.
  • The other tapping points are:
    • On the inside of the eyebrow.
    • On the outside of the eye.
    • Underneath the eye.
    • Between the nose and the top lip.
    • Between the bottom lip and the chin.
    • On the collarbone.
    • Below the armpit.
    • On top of the head.

Here are links to purchase the book and documentary, mentioned above: The Tapping Solution DVD

Tapping with Brad Yates

Brad Yates is a leading expert on EFT (He has 100’s of EFT videos on YouTube). He has a very engaging style, which is often filled with great humor.

In this first video, Brad walks through the tapping points.

Some of the key take-aways from this video:

a) General EFT Information

  • There is a lot of information on the Internet with respect to the history of this technique.
  • EFT is a weird-looking process whereby people ‘tap’ on their face, upper body, and hands.
  • There is increasing research to suggest that EFT is very effective for some people.
  • It can be used to clear things such as fear, which a major factor in limiting our happiness.
  • EFT is like acupuncture in that it works on the meridians of our body. Instead of using needles, however, we ‘tap’ on the meridian points.
  • The ‘basic’ version of EFT is shown in the video and this is where the same word, or phrase, is repeated.
  • People who follow this process are advised to take full responsibility for their own wellbeing.

b) The Tapping Process

  • Tapping can be done with 1 to 4 fingers.
  • It can be done on the right side of the head and body, or the left side.
  • Start off by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath.
  • Rate your stress (or pain), out of 10, for the particular problem that you wish to tap about.
  • To finish, take another deep breath and rate your stressful feelings for this particular problem out of 10 again.

There is a lot more to this procedure and, as you will see other videos, there is much more that can be done to work on specific problems you might have. Check out our EFT category tag at the top of the page to see more on this subject.

A short course on EFT

If you are looking to take the knowledge you’ve gained from this introduction to the next level, then Udemy (the on-line learning resource) has a great course on the subject – you even get a certificate at the end of it.

The course is called “Learn Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) in 6 easy steps” and is designed as a step-by-step guide to reduce and remove stress, anxiety, worry and physical aches and pains in minutes.

Take a look at the introductory video at the top of the page (link below) and read through the curriculum to see if it’s for you.

CLICK HERE for Learn Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) in 6 easy steps course.

If you decide to take the above EFT course, we will provide 66 free personal development books as a bonus. Click here to find out how you can claim your free books.

EFT Disclaimer

Whilst we have videos of other people demonstrating the EFT process on this site, we have a great deal of respect for the way that Brad Yates demonstrates ‘Tapping’. This disclaimer notification (adapted from Brad’s own YouTube channel) covers all of the videos and text we have about this topic.

By playing the EFT (Tapping) videos on this site, or our Successful PG YouTube channel, you agree to take full responsibility for your own well-being.

Whilst the proponents of EFT believe that this process can prove beneficial, neither they nor the authors of make any claims as to what (if any) benefits you might receive.

There are claims of very good results from treating emotional, psychological, and physical problems from using EFT. However, no-one will claim a 100% success rate with this and it may be that you experience no noticeable benefits, should you go through the tapping sequence.

Unless stated otherwise, it should be assumed that none of the presenters on any video on this site are doctors, or medically trained. The same is the case for the authors of

Although the procedure has been around since the mid 1990’s, it is still considered ‘experimental’. More doctors are seeing it as a good ‘alternative’ or ‘addition’ to conventional treatment. However, no-one is going to claim that it is free of any risks. That said, we are not aware of anyone who has experienced negative side-effects following the practice of this procedure.

Of course, some people are more vulnerable to certain suggestions and it maybe that in following this process certain ‘uncomfortable’ past feelings and reminisces are brought to the fore. If in any doubt then always work with a trained medical practitioner or, at the very minimum, have someone there to support you whilst tapping along to the videos.

The information contained in the text or on the videos, regarding EFT, is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of appropriate treatment by a physician or qualified professional.

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