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Welcome to The 7 Keys to Success. This article is a summary of a free ebook that we are giving away, which is very powerful IF you take action with it.

You might be surprised that the key to a successful life can actually be revealed in 7 key points.

“If it’s THAT simple, why aren’t more people successful….. ?”

Put simply, people make their lives too complicated. You really don’t need to complicate things. Just follow some key concepts.

If you promise yourself that you will take action, then the information that you’ll be reading shortly WILL take your life to the next level. These same principles can apply to your home life and your business life.


In this summary, we’ll actually tell you what the 7 keys to success are. However, to really understand the benefit, you should read the whole book.

If you don’t want to read the summary, and just can’t wait to see success in your life, then simply scroll down to the bottom of this page to the section titled: How do I get the 7 Keys to Success?

Either way, set yourself up for a successful life – at home and in business – and separate yourself from the masses who do not follow the keys for a successful life.

What can these tips be used for ?

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for:

  • Keys to a successful home life
  • Keys to success in business
  • Keys to a successful marriage
  • Keys to success in school or college

The same fundamentals for a happy and successful life all apply.


The 7 Keys to Success РBook Contents 7 keys to success

  • ch.1 – Your Wake-Up Call
  • ch.2 – Commitment
  • ch.3 – An Open Mind
  • ch.4 – Persistence
  • ch.5 – Flexibility
  • ch.6 – Believe in yourself
  • ch.7 – Be Grateful
  • ch.7 – Passion
  • ch.8 – The Rest of Your Life

Your Wake Up Call

Consider the following questions:

  • Where are you NOW with your life ?
  • Are you where you thought you would be 10, 20, or 30 years ago ?
  • Are you moving forward with your life ?
  • Or do you sometimes feel as though you are taking backward steps ?

This chapter of the book is designed to make you really consider what is important in your current life. There is plenty of information packed within the pages to really make you have a rethink. Particularly, if you are not currently seeing the successful strides in your life that you would hope for.

Make sure that you have each key mastered, before moving onto the next one. Even if you start off just mastering a couple of the ideas in this ebook. You can always come back to the rest of them at a later date. Ideally though, you’ll want to master all seven of the ideas as quickly as possible.

The book starts out with the author (Will Edwards) giving a one page summary of his own wake-up call, before we then approach the 7 success keys one-by-one.


How committed are you to YOUR success ?

“Ohh commitment, that sounds like hard work !!!”

The strange thing about life is that many of us are really committed to other people:

  • Committed to our parents
  • Committed to our children
  • Committed to our spouses
  • Committed to our boss at work

……..but not at all committed to ourselves ? It’s madness when you think about it.

How about showing a bit more commitment to YOU for once !!

  • Commitment for your health
  • Commitment for your fitness
  • Commitment to finding time for your own education or hobbies

If you want anything in life you have to make a commitment to go and get it. Nobody is going to hand you your ‘dream’ on a plate.

It is an unfortunate fact that too many people fail with this first key principle. Yet failing with this key to success almost guarantees that you will not be as successful as you’d like to be.

If you are looking at this from a business perspective, then how committed are you to your business ? Or if you are in management, with a team around you, then how committed are you to them…. or they to YOU ? Is the commitment going to be there – on both sides of the fence – when the inevitable difficulties arise ?

The chapter continues by explaining the importance of big dreams and delivers an inspiring story of commitment from Charles Lindbergh.

Having an open mind

In this chapter we consider the law of attraction (we also have a free ebook available on this topic as well). This is a direct follow on from having made a commitment.

The law of attraction is often spoken about from a personal stand-point, but have you ever considered it from a business perspective ?

There is no reason why management and their teams can’t all pull together and create:

  • A great team project or performance
  • The successful migration of work
  • The introduction of a new system

The keys to business success are all here in the same book.

The amazing story of Rudy Ruettiger is told in this book, which will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.


This is another stumbling block for many people.

Whilst many are keen to instigate something into their lives, and even develop what they believe to be a robust project plan. It is how they react when times get tough and what they do when they start to see little failures dent their plans.

How well do you perform when you come up against personal obstacles ? Or, if you are in business, do you persist with team members who keep making mistakes ?

It doesn’t matter how good your systems are, there will be troubles ahead and even the odd failure. Do you, or your team, easily give up ? Or do you battle through time and time again ?

For the persistent, there are no failures, just learning experiences.

Mistakes will be made and performance will, on occasion, not be at the expected levels (either by yourself, managers, or staff). What needs to change… and how?

The story in this chapter is at fable type story of unknown origin. However, it really shows the key in persisting when times get tough.

Showing flexibility

Some people might think that flexibility is a stark contradiction to the previous chapter of the book.

Showing persistence means sticking to your plan without deviation. Showing flexibility means that you are prepared to do something else when ‘Plan A’ isn’t working.

How well do you cope with change ?

Change is inevitable, no matter where you are in your life right now. It is wrong to be too fixed in your approach. You will see far better results if you take the time to evaluate your world and then pursue different avenues as quickly as possible.

In business, change is often a scary subject for members of staff and customers. How much flexibility is shown by these people ? For example, the migration of work from one team to another might require a lot of flexibility. Is this better done ‘all at once’, or in a step-by-step approach ?

This chapter touches on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and also the Law of Cause and Effect.

The story in this chapter is about a famous English soccer player who, despite his limitations, worked on things that he could control (rather than focusing on what he couldn’t). As a result, he was able to become one of the most famous and successful players of his generation.

Believe in yourself

If you do not have faith in your own abilities, then why should you expect anyone else have faith in your abilities or vision ? Your faith in yourself really has to be unshakeable because there will be times when other people doubt you, and without self-belief you will start to doubt yourself.

EFT (emotional freedom technique) is described elsewhere on this site. It is an excellent tool for breaking through any internal blockages you might have. Those blockages which might lead to subconscious doubts about your own ability. This is actually one of our own ‘little secrets’ to becoming successful.

In business, a different type of faith might be needed. A project manager might come up with a project plan, but the implementation of this plan might be the responsibility of someone else. They both need faith (in the plan AND in each other). Following on from this, the end users (of the plan) need to have faith that what is being developed will benefit them. Plus they need belief that any feedback they give will be respected and acted upon.

The work of Masaru Emoto is described in this chapter to illustrate the power of belief. You might have heard of his water experiments from the film “What the bleep do we know”. The experiments in the following video (by normal people) have taken this concept to a whole new level !!!!!

Scientific Proof: Thoughts & Intentions Can Alter The Physical World Around Us!

How are YOU going to speak to others…. and YOURSELF in the future ??

Be Grateful

Successful Personal Growth have personal experience of the positive effects seen from the attitude of gratitude. So much so that we highly recommend ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne, creator of ‘The Secret’.

In this chapter of our free book, the importance of being thankful for what you currently have is highlighted. There is recommendation on what you can do today. It’s a very powerful technique and one that we use at www.successfulpersonalgrowth.com.

In business, it is crucial for people to feel grateful for what the company offers them. Without gratitude, resentfulness soon creeps in.

A study by two psychologists, McCollough and Emmons is summarized in this chapter – showing the power of keeping a gratitude journal. It can have profound effects on you and those surrounding you.


This is the final key to success and it’s something that Anthony Robbins talks about regularly. If you’re not passionate about your goals then you are never going to achieve them.

Tony Robbins – The Keys To Massive Success

Of course, you can’t teach anyone to be passionate in any one particular thing. You either are passionate about a topic, or an event, or you’re not. FIND your passion and follow it.

From a business perspective, how passionate are you about your company, or your products ? Does your passion come across to your customers ?

The real purpose of this chapter is to make you aware that passion is needed to see success, rather than try and teach you any specific way to become passionate.

Abraham Maslow’s human physiological and social needs are discussed in this chapter as well as defining Self-Actualization.

Keys to Success Quotes

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How do I get the 7 Keys to Success ?

All you need to do to get access to the “7 Keys to Success”, is to follow the simple instructions below.

  1. Go to our free personal development books page.
  2. Scroll down the page, until you reach the section: “5. YouTube Subscribers Package“.
  3. Follow the instructions in that section.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoy unlocking the life changing keys to YOUR success. With the implementation of these ideas, we’re very confident that you’ll soon be talking steps towards your dreams.

The REAL KEY now is for you to take action. Start right now. Changing your life begins with a simple set of plans and just one step in the right direction.

Remember: Failures only exist when they give up.

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