How to Manifest a Job or Partner

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How is it that some people are able to manifest what they want; and have all the trappings of success ? They have the right job. The right partner. The right house. The right car. Every goal they aim for seems to be wide open and they seem to be receiving gifts from the universe every day.

Meanwhile, others (maybe like yourself ?) work hard but face daily struggle and painful experiences.

It’s not fair is it ?

But if it was that easy to manifest what you wanted, then you and I would have all the financial wealth in the world; with the result being that money would never be an issue for anyone. We’d all be sitting on the beaches but have no-one to serve us the drinks.

You need to know how to REALISTICALLY manifest ?

LET’S BE REALISTIC…….. ‘Magic’ doesn’t really happen. Magic is basically trickery. So if anyone tells you that they can perform ‘magic’ in your life…. well, that should raise an alarm, because they are really just playing tricks with you.

There’s nothing magical in this article (sorry), we’re here to add a slice of realism to the manifestation process.

The good news is there are things we can do to greatly improve our chances of getting what we want out of life.

What are the key ingredients for manifestation ? Law of Attraction Films

You’ve probably heard of the movies “The Secret” and “What the Bleep Do We Know”. They are both based on The Law of Attraction. “The Secret”, in particular, gave the impression that you only have to sit back and think about manifesting a parking spot and one will appear. Or that you can magically receive unexpected checks in the mailbox.

Now, we’re not saying that this type of thing doesn’t happen. But in reality, those who can bring about such miracles are just more focused individuals – who are more ‘alive’ to seeing such positive opportunities that are likely to bring about such miracles.

The LoA certainly has a role to play, but a lot of people struggle with the concept and many of those who do ‘get it’ struggle to see any success with it.

Our ability to manifest into our lives exactly what we want, boils down to the following 4 key ingredients :

  • Your ability to clear blockages from your past
  • Deciding what it is you actually want to manifest
  • Your ability to pay attention, and act on, opportunities (the ‘little signals’ put before you)
  • How confident you are that you can actually have what it is that you are trying to manifest

If any of these are missing, then you won’t get what you want. Simple as that.

However, if you get these 4 ingredients working for you, as opposed to against you, then you will see great improvements in your manifestations; AND the law of attraction will work for you and not against you.

Do you really want it that bad ?

The other ingredient (which can’t really be worked on) is that you have to really want what it is you’re asking for.

There have been countless examples of people improving their situation …. but only when they’ve hit ‘rock bottom’. It seems that when people are in their ‘comfort zone’ then they don’t really want change ‘that badly’ and that’s why they stay ‘stuck’. But when things get desperate the human spirit rises to the fore and all sorts of ‘miracles’ can happen.

So the first commitment you have to make with yourself is that you REALLY want change to happen – but do not let things get THAT bad. DO IT NOW !!!

How to Manifest Jobs and Partners Manifest a partner

Let’s look at some of the typical things that you might want and how we can greatly improve your chances of getting them.

  • How do I land that dream job ?
  • How do I ask that guy / girl for a date ?

Let’s work on the assumption that you have had limited success with job interviews and / or dates in the past. Clearly there is ‘something wrong’ with your current approach. You aren’t quite in the same vibrational match as the interviewer or person you are looking to date.

Both of these situations can be resolved with the same set of steps mentioned previously :

1. Clearing blockages with EFT

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been used for the past 20 years with astonishing results. This process can be used to tap into anything you might have experienced in the past, which may be ‘blocking’ you from positively moving forward with your life.

We all have blocks. Sometimes they just sit there crushing our confidence with negative self-talk. Other times they manifest themselves by our own self-sabotage – (i.e. things we do to ‘trip ourselves up’ just when things are starting to go well). Either way, these blockages can truly stop us breaking through and having great success in our lives.

The good news is that EFT really is a powerful weapon, which we can use on ourselves and expect to see results almost instantly. You can certainly use EFT to clear out negative blockages you might have had from past unsuccessful job interviews or dates, or even wipe out people’s previous negative comments about you in those areas.

Any little thing in the past could be enough to break your stride in those areas and could well be the reason you are struggling to see success now. This subconscious negativity could be shining out of you like a beacon. And this will be obvious to the people you’re trying to impress.

Don’t know about EFT ? Then tap along and repeat the phrases in these excellent Brad Yates videos :

EFT Tapping for work

EFT Tapping for love

2. Pay attention to, and act on, the Law of Attraction

Some critics of the law of attraction state that there is nothing in it which actually changes the outside world, saying “what will be, will be”. What certainly changes is your internal awareness to what it is you have ‘asked’ for; and this makes you more alert to focusing on the ‘right’ things.

Going back to our examples above, if you are trying to land that dream job, or date, then you will become acutely aware of seemingly more opportunities placed in your path. It’s up to you to acknowledge what the universe is putting before you and take those opportunities with open arms.

3. Set goals and take action

The Law of Attraction is nothing without the crucial “action” step. In fact, look at the last 6 letters of “attraction“. And the most effective form of action comes from having a great set of goals.

If you have effective goals, they will lead to effective actions. Do you even know what your main goal in life is ? If you can’t specify what it is, then how is the universe supposed to deliver the circumstances in order for you to achieve it ?

Couple on a date in a restaurant

If you want to manifest that ‘special table for 2’ for that perfect meal, at your favorite restaurant, then you actually have to :

  • a) book a table
  • b) walk into that restaurant
  • c) with a partner (having asked them to go out with you)

i.e. you have to take positive action.

Likewise, if you want to manifest that perfect job, then you have to :

  • i) apply for jobs that are in the right arena
  • ii) sit an interview
  • iii) accept the role

i.e. you have to take positive action.

4. Act with confidence

We may project a lack of confidence and not even realize that we’re doing it. This is where EFT can help (as mentioned above). However, if you ARE aware of confidence issues totally blocking your path in job interviews, or success with dates, then you need to consider other belief-change systems.

You could try :

  • affirmations, to force confidence into your sub-conscious mind
  • visualization to see yourself in winning situations. Visualization works very well for sporting endeavors and there is no reason why it shouldn’t work for you to secure a Job or Partner
  • hypnosis (either self-administered, or through a clinical hypnotist) – used as a means to by-pass that conscious negative self-talk.

All of these methods are designed to boost your confidence and each have an excellent record of success.

But this all sounds like hard work !!

Yes, and this is why everyone isn’t living the life of luxury and manifesting things left, right, and center.

This might not be what you was expecting from this article, but what we have set out here sure is effective in manifesting your dreams and bringing joy into your life.

Once you believe that these things are possible, then you really will begin to see success; and attracting what you want will become much easier.Woman contemplating about a job

In fact, it’s so important, that we’re going to summarize those steps again :

a) Use EFT to clear subconscious limiting beliefs and blockages.

b) Use the law of attraction to focus on EXACTLY what it is that you want.

c) Have a goal-setting plan of action to line you up on the right path to success.

d) Use affirmations, visualization, or hypnosis to break through any conscious issues with confidence, which maybe preventing you from taking the necessary steps.

Time to wake up

Maybe you’ve relied on ‘good luck’ to manifest what you have so far. But has that method REALLY got you what you wanted, or are you still searching for more  ?

Time for action [image]

We are not born to have mundane lives, but if we sit back and do nothing then that is what we will attract into our lives.

Take control of the manifesting process and you are much more likely to see success.

See this article as the signpost pointing you in the right direction. The rest is up to you.

Make it your goal to progress with this information today. Even if it’s only learning more about the ‘tools for success’ mentioned in the 4-steps above.

The universe will be delivering bigger and better things in a matter of days; and surprising offers will come your way, IF you remember to take action and keep your eyes open to the opportunities.

We hope that this article has given you a better understanding on how to realistically manifest a job or a partner. Good luck in your search and please feel free to share these steps with others who may benefit, using the social media links below.

The Successful Personal Growth Team

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