Mindmaster Subliminal Message Software Review (Free Trial, Discount, & Bonuses)

Welcome to our Mindmaster Subliminal Message Software review. Mindmaster Subliminal Message Software Review

We’ve had a lot of feedback from readers asking if we could publish a review of the Mindmaster.tv affirmation software, following our recent article “Success with Affirmations – 10 Expert Tips“.

By landing on this page, we’ll assume that you already know about subliminal affirmations. If not, you might want to read the above article for more information (then come right back for the rest of this review).

We are very impressed with what Mindmaster has to offer and are happy to give you the inside scoop.

Our reviews actually benefit our readers

Now it would be very easy for Successful Personal Growth to recommend a software product in just 200 words and say “There you go. Click on that link and go and buy it”.

HOWEVER, we have a lot of respect for people trying to improve their lives. Therefore, we search high and low for the best deals (No, we really do…. and we’re going to prove it below).

The Problems with Affirmations

We have mentioned elsewhere on this site that most people struggle to see success with affirmations. The main reason being is that they are saying statements (affirmations) that they don’t really believe.

So, therefore, you need a way of bypassing your critical factor (i.e. the conscious mind) to feed the statements directly to your subconscious mind.

Solutions to bypass the critical factor

One way to do this is through hypnosis and that does of course work for many people. However, another much more powerful way is through subliminal messages.

Now you can sit down and listen to waves crashing on a shoreline (and we often do), which overlay the desired (subliminal) messages, or you can watch videos with images flicking across the screen. However after a while these audios and videos can get a bit……. repetitive (boring). Woman working at keyboard

A much more efficient (and effective) way to feed subliminal messages into your mind, is to have them flashing unobtrusively across your computer screen as you work.

That way, you can feed 1000’s of positive and motivational messages into your subconscious mind every day without you even consciously knowing it.

There are quite a lot of subliminal software’s available, but you do have to be very careful what you pick up.

Free Subliminal Software

It’s true there is free subliminal software available – or sold at a ridiculously low price, like a couple of bucks. However, we would NEVER recommend such software.

Why not?

Well, some of it is designed purely to get access to your computer. Others are so badly coded that it affects the running of your computer. Either way it’s simply NOT worth the risk.

Mindmaster Subliminal Message Software Review

The software that we are recommending at the moment is from Mindmaster.

Here is an introductory video where the creator of the software, and clinical hypnotherapist, Tony Dosanjh is interviewed by actress Kristin Pfeifer.

What can you use affirmation software for?

Subliminal software, including that from Mindmaster, can be used for any affirmations and related subliminal work.

It can be used for things like:

  • Increasing confidence, for dating or job interviews.
  • Eliminating bad habits – such as smoking.
  • Helping you to achieve your goals.
  • Obtain skills for work or home-life.
  • Motivating you to stick to goals, diets, or exercise regimes.

I can’t think of what affirmations to put into the software?

Whilst it is good to put in affirmations that are personal to you, you don’t need to worry about not having anything to put in the software.

Firstly it comes with 100’s of statements already built into it… and they’re categorized as well. You can leave them as they are, or make tweaks to suit your situation.

In addition, if you buy this software by clicking on one of our links below, and send us a copy of your receipt as confirmation, we shall provide you with several free bonuses, including access to lots of categorized affirmations that you can copy straight into the software.

Why are we recommending Mindmaster? Man working at computer

Mindmaster Subliminal software has a number of features that we like (many of which we have not seen on similar, more expensive, software). They include:

  • Changing the speed that the messages are shown on your monitor. How quickly can you blink? The affirmations can flash up even quicker.
  • How often do you want the subliminal messages displayed? Every few seconds, or a longer delay? No problem – you decide.
  • Changing the contrast of the font. Not only can you have the message flashed quick, but also very faint. You can change the size and color of the font too.
  • Do you have a particular font that’s pleasing you your eye? Mindmaster will allow you to have your messages displayed in many of the popular fonts.
  • Mindmaster also has its own vault of affirmations and images that you can tap into… and this is updated regularly too.
  • You also get subliminal screen savers, so you get good programming even when you are not actually working on your computer. And you can even create your own powerful screen saver.
  • If you have a particular issue that’s not covered by the 100’s of affirmations provided, Mindmaster even promise to create a set of affirmations to meet your particular needs.
  • You can easily add Google (or your own) images. These will flash up onto your screen, in addition to written affirmations.

Mindmaster Discounts, Free-trials and Bonuses

Why just pay the ‘normal price’ when you can get it at a discount?

We’re going to be very sneaky and let you know:

  • Where you can get the Mindmaster Subliminal Software with a free 14-day trial.
  • Where you can get it for a discount.
  • Where you can get it with a huge bonus package (3x free MP3s and 30 free ebooks – we’re not joking).
  • Where you can get it with a 60-day money back guarantee.

And they are NOT all on the same sales page!!!

It’s the same software (Mindmaster appear to be trying out different sales pages and offers). We will give you the options (below), you just choose which one benefits you the most.

Of course Mindmaster do have the right to change their sales pages at any time. We can only tell you what’s available at the time of writing (September 2014).

As we hinted at above, we have identified two sales pages. Both selling the same product.

Option 1 – Discount and money back guarantee Mindmaster Discount Page

At the time of writing this page is offering the software for $39.95 (of course this price could change at any time). Click on the image to the right, to get through to this offer (opens in a new window).

There are also lots of satisfied customer testimonials on this page.

You don’t get a free download trial but you do get a 60-day money back guarantee

Option 2 – 14-day free subliminal message software trial Mindmaster Free Trial Page

This page offers a 14-day trial of the software. However, after the trial period you pay slightly more than option 1, with the price currently at $44.95 after the 14-day trial is over (again, the price might change at any time). Click on the image to the right, to get through to this offer (opens in a new window).

You can also see a live demonstration of the software on this page.

Mindmaster Bonuses

Whichever option you take, Mindmaster offers some bonuses:

  • 30 Success ebooks.
  • Rapid weight loss secrets (mp3).
  • Success with the Law of Attraction (mp3).
  • Learn the Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset (mp3).

Still not sure?

Check out this testimonial from Olympic gold medallist, Nikki Stone.


Whichever option you decide to take up, we would like to offer you THREE amazing bonuses to compliment your new software purchase.

Bonus #1

If you purchase the Mindmaster subliminal software through either of our links, we will give to you (free of charge) 66 personal growth ebooks (over 2200 pages of content).

You can see which books you will be getting here (this opens up in a new window).

One of the free books is titled “Using Affirmations For Success”.

Bonus #2

We have another ebook which we are going to let you have for free. 101 Powerful Affirmations ebook

  • 101 Powerful Affirmations

This book includes affirmations covering the following topics:

  • Affirmations for Healthy Weight and Body Image
  • Affirmations for Self-Confidence and Self-Belief
  • Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity
  • Affirmations for Life Purpose
  • Affirmations for Inner Peace
  • Affirmations for Opportunity
  • Affirmations for Love
  • Affirmations for Healing
  • Affirmations for Inner Clarity
  • Affirmations for Self-Love

You can quite easily take the affirmations from this book and plug them into the Mindmaster software.

Bonus #3

Our surprise Affirmations Vault. We are currently building up this resource during 2014. when it’s complete it will have at least 500 affirmations, all categorized, and covering all sorts of topics.

Again, please feel free to take these affirmations and plug them into your new software.

To claim our bonuses

Once you have purchased the Mindmaster software, forward a copy of your email receipt to: [email protected]

Or if you’d rather not send us your receipt, just send us an email, telling us:

  • Which Mindmaster option you took (option 1 or 2).
  • Your order / receipt number.
  • The date and time of purchase.

We shall then confirm that you have made a payment through our tracking link and will forward to you the links to the bonuses mentioned above.

Please note, you cannot claim our bonuses when you just sign up for the 14-day free trial. You can only claim the bonuses for option 2 once you have made a payment for the software (i.e. after the 14-day trial has expired).

Final Thoughts

This is about reprogramming your mind for success. Instead of doing things the hard way, by trying to change your life from the outside (to make you feel happier on the inside). This software is about reprogramming your life from the inside out.

We hope that you can start to appreciate the benefits of this software. If you do take it for a spin we are confident that with very little effort you will start to really see the benefits of this software.

IMAGE CREDITS: Girl, lady & man working at the computer all 3 by stockimages at freedigitalphotos.net

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