Success Made Simple By Andy Shaw (2015 Review)

Welcome to our review of Andy Shaw’s Success Made Simple video course. This on-line self-improvement course is based on the successful Bug Free Mind Books and audios :

We’ve also produced an overview of the whole program and this can be found here.

Success MAde Simple Video Version



We are going through this process ourselves (having already purchased the books and audios). However with the Success Made Simple video course, you do not get all of the videos up front. Instead, it is drip-fed to you in the private members area (a video every 2-3 days). Therefore, we can only complete this review ‘as and when’ we are fed the video-clips.

The exception to that is the first 20 MP4s, which are given to you immediately upon sign-up.

There is expected be in the region of 400 videos when complete. We will update this page every week – reviewing the videos we have been supplied with to that point.

It’s worth bookmarking this page, so you can return on a weekly basis to see our updates (Those who have subscribed to our website updates will not get notified of the weekly updates).

If you want to watch a short video from Andy Shaw about this course (or are looking to purchase the course) then click on the link below :

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 Success Made Simple By Andy Shaw (2014 Review)

Introduction Video : 4 ways to get the most out of Success Made Simple (9min 7secs) Andy Shaw

In this introduction video, Andy advises that your ego will try and stop you from watching these videos and you might get distracted by your ‘everyday life’. However, there are solutions provided by Shaw to help you stay on track. Basically, you need to grow your power of awareness, so that you can identify when you are ‘straying’ or ‘mind wandering’.

It does require time, dedication, and daily application of these techniques in order for you to succeed. If we’re being honest, this introduction is not the most polished of videos – with Andy stumbling over quite a few of his words (we should point out that he does get much better in later videos).

Also there is an annoying repetitive music loop which is played over the top of this first video (not heard in subsequent videos). We found this quite distracting and it is too loud. This was actually pointed out in some of the comments below the video on that page.

One final irritation on this particular video is that you can’t stop it, pause it, or move the video time-line slider forwards or backwards (it automatically plays from the start whenever you touch the video controls). However, as with all of the videos, it is downloadable.

The key take aways from this first MP4 are :

  • Develop a burning desire to master your thinking
  • Watch each video at least twice before moving on
  • Focus on the quality of your results, not the quantity
  • Remember WHY you are watching the videos
  • Use the Bug Free Mind Community site to record your progress (you have a place where you can record your personal development within your personal area of the site)
  • Your mind needs to be fed daily to succeed

Creating A Bug Free Mind

Introduction (6 videos)

Intro Video 1 (1a) – How the bug free process was created and why (6:55)

In the first half of this video, Andy gives thanks to family & friends who have helped him create this product.

He then touches on his 2009 bankruptcy and recalls sharing his thoughts (on how he was controlling his mind) on a web-site he used to have. From this, he decided to write 2 books about a system called Saltori (a structured thinking system).

He reveals that the first book (Creating a Bug Free Mind) clears you mind of the junk, thus freeing you of all your mental baggage. The second book (Using a Bug Free Mind) provides you with an operating system for your life, which will ultimately enable you to create your life by design. All of this is done to stop you living by accident and to enable you to live your life on purpose.

Intro Video 2 (1b) – Author’s Note…What if ? (12:33)

This video starts by comparing our minds with a computer virus. It slows down, then eventually stops working. Our mind will get full of junk, and messy, as we get older. It gets clogged up and confused with past bad experiences and it starts to develop cynicism. We might do things (like exercise, or meditate) to try and reset our mind switch – but unfortunatley this rarely works in the long-term.

Because of this chaotic thinking, we end up repeating the same mistakes over and over again. We find that businesses, relationships, & training courses all fail us.

Nothing will work until we clear out our bugs. In fact, we are likely to go backwards as we ‘progress’ through life.

Is personal developing material helping us ? We often know there is an answer (i.e. a better life waiting for us), but why can’t we make it work ? Basically, because we are installing good software onto a bugged mind.

Andy hints that self-help books rarely help people and it’s only structured thoughts which will eliminate our poor internal programming, so we need to regularly maintain our minds.

Intro Video 3 (2a) – Introduction… Bad Teachers (12:34)

Andy poses the question of how we would re-act if 99% of children failed in schools ? We wouldn’t be impressed. However, this is effectively what’s happened in the self-help world. So why is this poor level of performance tolerated ?

Andy has concluded that the success gurus can only teach their stuff to those who are naturally successful. The vast majority of the population don’t have a success mindset and therefore whatever they read, listen to, or watch IS NOT GOING TO WORK !!!

Intro Video 4 (2b) – You’ll Need Both Parts (13:16) Andy Shaws Books

Andy explains that you will need both books (although with the video course you are actually getting the content of both Creating a Bug Free Mind and Using a Bug Free Mind). This is about clearing the bugs in your mind before you move on to creating the life-style you’re after.

Continuing with the analogy that our minds are like a computer with a virus, Andy explains that you can reboot your mind like a computer. However, you wouldn’t load new software onto a computer with a virus… but that’s exactly what we try to do by loading self-improvement books onto our bugged-up minds. Some people try meditation, but this only offers a temporary fix and it’s not enough.

Andy talks about removing worry, anxiety, stress, fear, overwhelm and depression – all in an instant “at the flick of a switch”, with the process you are about to embark on.

Shaw also promises that this is not like any other personal development course…. because those traditional self-help courses leave you no better off 6 months down the line. This is about lasting change. He partially achieves this because the video course is designed to make you think. There are lots of “Consider if….” type statements below each video.

However, there are a couple of warnings from the author about this course though…..

  • Andy will repeat himself throughout the videos. This is a light form of NLP and designed to allow the information sink in
  • Some viewers can expect to feel anger, frustration and emotional – it’s all part of the process (However, this is not something we’ve felt when going through the books and audios)

Intro Video 5 (3a) – Saltori (16:06)

It is pointed out that most people’s problems stem from the fact that we don’t have a structured way of thinking – we have chaotic thoughts. No one is taught how to think. Our parents didn’t teach us, and their parents didn’t teach them. We’ve just been told what to think not how to think. This program is about being proactive and not reactive.

So what can saltori do for you ?

  • Helps you create any desired outcome which is in alignment with your true life purpose
  • Eliminates pain and suffering (e.g. doubt, worry, negativity, fear, stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, loss
  • Eliminates procrastination, helps you to find true love, and find yourself
  • With structured thinking you will not just be wandering through life, you will be on the way to creating a road-map for your life.

Intro Video 6 (3b) – How To Get The Most Out of This Course (7:42)

In this video we learn the 2 requirements of how to get the most out of this course. One of the things which is pointed out is that the answers are contained throughout the course and that there is no magic waiting for you at the very end.

It is estimated that if you only watch this video series on one occasion you will still remove 70% of the bugs in your mind. However, it is further thought that this amount of bug clearing will not lead to much more of a successful you. That is why it is recommended that people go through this material more than once.

CHAPTER 1 – From Gold To Sh*t (3 videos)

Intro Video 7 (4a) – From Gold to Sh*t (9:40)

In this video, Andy starts off by explaining that the period 2002 to the middle of 2008 was very successful for him. But before this time he recalls conversations he had with his successful millionaire uncle, back in 1980.

He has always been driven by challenge and the skill he learnt was how to create success. It just so happens that property was the vehicle he used at the time to create this success.

It was also during this time that Andy realized the problem faced by the personal growth industry was that (and still is) most people are unable to create success, even with the best personal development material available. He concluded back then, that the problem relates to the way the authors of self-help material share their information. It just wasn’t (and still isn’t) getting through to their followers.

We also learn that, despite a lifetime of effort, only 1% of people actually retire rich. Andy Shaw wrote a book in 2006 called Money For Nothing and Your Property For Free. This was based on his experience as a property developer. However, it was his intention to write the book in such a way that anyone could take its contents and get exactly the same results. Indeed the book was successful, as were the people who purchased it and took action.

This was in contrast to many other self-help books which are written by people with a successful mindset, BUT under the assumption that the people reading the books have also got a successful mindset. In fact, more often than not, the mindsets are not the same and therefore it is impossible for the outcomes to be the same.

Intro Video 8 (4b) – A Very Brief History of Me (4:33)

This video is a very short history of the author. We learn of his early days as a cabinet-maker but more importantly how his early success resulted from the fact that he had worked out a success system and applied it. He lasted in this business for 11 years – sometimes been successful but also having to liquidate companies that were not a success. That’s when he moved into property development.

Although initially seeing staggering amounts of success, he went bankrupt. At that point, he realized that he had lost control of his mind and went on a journey of rediscovery. The results of that are what he is now sharing in this Success Made Simple video course.

Intro Video 9 (4c) – How I Ended UP Bankrupt (13:43)

It was effectively the same system Andy used to destroy his life which helped build it in the first place. Spring 2008 was the high point, but then came the worldly financial crisis. Whilst his ultimate downfall was due to outside influences, he believes that it was his own ‘lack’ mindset which was the catalyst for his failure.

Andy tried several things to dig himself out of the financial crisis. However, everything he tried failed. It was his control of the illusions of fear and worry which helped Andy throughout this whole experience.

CHAPTER 2 – The Turning Point (4 videos)

Intro Video 10 (5a) – Who Is Controlling Your Mind ? (14:36)

We learn that we can create whatever we want, directed by our mindsets. A positive mindset one will lead to a life full of possibilities. On the flip side, a negative mindset will leave you feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

Andy recalls an all time low with his mind running away from him. However, in this video he explains the key turning point which lead to the start of his comeback.

Finally, Andy provides a great tip on how to absorb personal development material, which will greatly improve your retention of that information. It’s at this point of the Success Made Simple course that Andy starts listing several bullets below each video. These are designed to get you thinking about the content you have just viewed….. This, for us, is where the course really starts.

Intro Video 11 (5b) – The Foundation Skill To You Creating Your Life BY Design (11:04)

Shaw provides a ’15 seconds of positive thought’ exercise which is the key to your future. Whilst this sounds like an easy task, for many it’s actually a very difficult one to master.

Intro Video 12 (5c) Overpowering Your Little Saboteur (9:20)

In this video we learn how to make the previous exercise a lot easier….. You’ve got to have a good sense of visualization. This is a skill that Andy insists we MUST acquire.

Shaw explains that our ego (little saboteur) likes us making poor decisions and actually keeps us distracted. This is why people don’t follow through with the things, even when they know that they know are going to benefit them.

Intro Video 13 (5d) – No Mind: the Next Stage (4:16)

This is also known as Saltori and it means you are :

  • Fully present
  • Fully alert
  • Fully aware

Being able to ‘still your mind’ is crucial as a foundation to success, but it will take practise.

CHAPTER 3 – Becoming indestructible (2 videos)

Intro Video 14 (6a) – Having An Impenetrable Force Shield (14:06)

The next stage on your journey is to hold 15 minutes of uplifting, uninterrupted, positive thought. This will be your impenetrable force shield against all of the world’s negativity.

Andy introduces the concept of his golden book, which is a key element of his gratitude (positive thought) process. Finally, we learn of an excellent tip to stop bad thoughts from entering our mind. It’s simple yet very effective.

Intro Video 15 (6b) – Summary Of Techniques (2:04)

This is a very short video and serves as a summary of the techniques learnt so far.

CHAPTER 4 – Lightening The Load (4 videos)

Intro Video 16 (7a) – Accepting What Is (12:57)

This is about dissolving the baggage that you’ve been carrying around all of your life. This will ultimately make the journey that you are on much easier.

Without accepting ‘what is’ you will struggle to enjoy the journey. This doesn’t mean much in this review – but it’s crucial (as you will find out in the course).

Shaw gives a compelling reason why thinking about bad things from your past is of no benefit to you now. You can’t change the past. However, there is one reason for looking at your past mistakes and there is certainly something you can do about past mistakes (and it’s not “Don’t make the same mistake again”).

The author then provides a brilliant analogy about how learning from mistakes is stored in our heads; and the fact that we don’t need to keep revisiting those mistakes every day to check that the ‘learning points’ are still in our heads.

Intro Video 17 (7b) – Would You Care To Take A Glance At Enlightenment ? (11:56)

Moving on from the ‘level of acceptance’ is the ‘level of surrender’. How would your live be if you had no regrets and was able to forgive everyone who’d ever caused you a problem in the past ?

Forgiving yourself for past mistakes may take a little while, but you must learn to do it. Now how about forgiving others ? This is another huge chunk of baggage you’re carrying about. Let it go.

  • Do you realize what ‘holding on to this resentment’ is doing to your success and your health ?
  • How do you feel about the fact that someone, who has harmed you in the past, still has power over you today, all because you are still full of anger and resentment ?
  • Alternatively, do you think that gratitude and forgiveness will help you get a better life and make you feel happier ? Of course it will.

Andy then provides a short statement which sums up enlightenment (although this might be ‘too soon’ for some people).

Intro Video 18 (7c) – Utilizing The Power Of Observation Without Judgement (11:24)

This is about the instant judgements that people make without first checking their facts. Shaw has bitter past experience of this, which he describes throughout this video.

Don’t make judgements on things you do not need to get involved with. People ‘get involved’ because they like to hear their own opinions – but ultimately it doesn’t serve them.

Intro Video 19 (7d) – Summary Of Techniques (2:26)

Just a short video summarizing the thought techniques identified previously.

CHAPTER 5 – Curing The Worlds Biggest Disease (1 video)

Intro Video 20 (8) – Curing The Worlds Biggest Disease (9:36)

Negativity is the topic of this video. It wastes a lot of lives. You’ll learn exactly what negativity is and how it can damage you.

Anyone reading this is probably already aware that negativity does not serve them. However, your ego has a nasty habit of feeding it to you when you’re least expecting it. Just be aware of the damage it can cause (even if you don’t use the negativity outwardly, it will destroy you inwardly).

That brings us to the end of the 20 introductory videos of Success Made Simple. If you would like to learn more about this video course, then please click on the link below.

CLICK HERE FOR : Success Made Simple Official Website

Success Made Simple Video Version



 What’s next ?

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