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Welcome to our Top 10 Success Tips From Proven Winners – Free ebook.

This is not like other success books you might have seen. This one contains information from proven winners from the world of entertainment, business, sport, and thought leading writers.

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Who are these success tips for ?

These tips are suitable for anyone. From college students, to stay at home moms, to career-minded business people. The ideas put forward by these famous people cross all boundaries.


GOOD NEWS : To lead a successful life really isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

As Anthony Robbins always reminds us “success leaves clues”. This means that if you are looking for success, then the easiest way to achieve it is to model what successful people in your chosen field have done.

So why try and re-invent the wheel ? Success Tips free ebook

Our ingredients for success :

  • Find something that you are passionate about
  • Find someone who excels in that area
  • Model their steps to achievement
  • Take massive action

In theory, you should get similar results.

Some may argue that people ‘at the top’ have had a massive amount of ‘luck’ to get where they are.

We say that you can generate your own luck. If you put yourself in the right place at the right time then, by law of averages, you will get your lucky breaks. But most people don’t get these lucky breaks because they don’t even go as far as sitting on the ‘lucky chair’.

Okay, enough from us, what’s in the book and whose tips are you getting anyway ?

Each of the following success tips is followed by how you can apply that tip to your life. So you’re not just left hanging saying, “well that was interesting, but how does it apply to ME ?”

1. David Frost: Follow Your Passion

This really is important. If you are passionate about something you are far more likely to be successful at it.

Whilst that might sound obvious, there are too many people following ‘someone else’s dream’. In other words they are seeking success based in someone else’s business.

It’s all very well climbing the corporate ladder, but what if that ladder is leaning against the wrong wall ? You are going to end up unhappy and that, by anyone’s definition, is not success.

Also, if you follow your passion you are much less likely to quit when the going gets tough.

The book gives you 3 excellent tips on how you can build this success tip into your own life.

2. Steve Jobs: Have Faith

None of us can predict the future and it could be said that we are all heading into the darkness. However, if you have faith in your ability, and what it is you are setting out to achieve, then you will get there. The path might not always be smooth, but unshakable faith will get you there more than anything else.

Your gut instinct, or intuition, will tell you if something’s right or not. It’s an amazing human trait that not enough people go with. Too many people fear what others might say, or base their own limitation on the limitations of others.

3. Oprah Winfrey: Take Responsibility

Unsuccessful people avoid taking responsibility. They’d rather choose to blame others, blame their upbringing, blame the government, or blame their bad luck. They don’t care who, or what, they blame – as long as it’s not their fault.

The problem with blaming others is that you immediately lose control of the situation. And once you lose control of a situation then it is impossible for you to achieve success.

If you take responsibility for your life, then you gain control. Once you have control of your destiny, then you have a much improved chance of actually achieving success.

4. Thomas Jefferson: Think Positive

Thinking positive might sound obvious and, for many, it’s easier said than done. However, if you think that something is going to turn out alright then there is a good chance that it will. On the other hand, if you think that something will go disastrously wrong then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Of course, if you’re not having the best of times then how can you possibly think positively ? There are lots of effective tools that we share on this site, but if you want a quick fix then download the book for some that you can implement immediately.

5. Pablo Picasso: Take Action

There are a lot of self-help gurus who will claim that their ‘system’ can lead you to the promised land. Whatever system they recommend, there is only one sure way to success and that is to take action in the direction of getting the success you want.

If you want to pass a driving test, then you have to take action. What action ? You have to get in the car and practice driving. Nothing else will enable you to pass your driving test.

Taking action is made all the easier by setting clearly defined goals and following through with them.

6. Dale Carnegie: Embrace Your Failures

Successful people know that failures are part of the road to success. Nothing great has ever been produced without a certain amount of failure taking place first.

It’s how you deal with those failures that count. Do you let them weigh you down and make you reluctant to take chances ? Or do you take the lessons from the failures and forge ahead with a more rounded knowledge ?

The book tells you exactly how you can make failures your key weapon to success.

7. Ayn Rand: Recognize Opportunity

We all suffer from information overload. Many people actually become over-whelmed with the amount of information we are expected to consume today.

The key to becoming successful is to filter out all of the ‘noise’ and just to be able to recognize – and focus on – winning opportunities.

How can you do that ? Goal-setting is again a good way to point your subconscious mind in the right direction. Visualization lets you see in advance what you can expect to experience when you get there.

Have a look at the book for more great ideas.

8. Warren Buffett: Find Mentors You Can Emulate

This tip leads on from what we said at the top of this page about modeling other successful people.

By actually having a mentor, they will lead you in the right direction if you are straying off path.

It is true that you will become like those who you hang out with…. so hang out with people who are better than you in your chosen field.

9. Michael Jordan: Confront and Resolve Obstacles

This is all about tackling your problems head on. It’s a fact of life that the higher up the ladder of success you go the bigger your problems will become.

So it’s better to get used to taking on your problems whilst they are still babies.

The more you tackle problems, the more efficient and effective you become at solving them…. and you will end up more knowledgeable for the experience.

10. Zig Ziglar: Enjoy the Journey

If you are not enjoying the journey then you’re on the wrong road. It’s as simple as that.

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