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So, what is a Udemy course? And where can you get Udemy course coupons? In this article, we have everything you need to know about a fantastic on-line resource, where you can take an affordable course (some are even free) and receive a certificate immediately. These are a fantastic way to boost your resume (CV).

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  • Introduction
  • What is a Udemy Course?
  • Who are the courses for?
  • What are the benefits of taking a Udemy course?
  • Things you need to be mindful of when taking a Udemy course.
  • How can you get Udemy courses for a discount?
  • What courses are available?


Learning is just for kids right?… WRONG.

To be successful in life, you need to expand your mind with knowledge and experience. To do this, you need to keep on learning throughout your life. But learning into your adult years can often be difficult. Here are some typical problems:

  • The cost of adult education can make post-college learning prohibitive.
  • Finding the time to fit in on-going education into your already busy life.
  • Being able to focus on learning, when your world is full of other distractions.

By far the easiest way to learn any subject today is via an on-line Udemy course (you can see why below).

In the past couple of years, the team at Successful Personal Growth have taken 100s of Udemy courses, mostly to enhance our staff’s knowledge of personal development. However, there is so much more than just personal development courses available on Udemy.

Learning is boring, right?……WRONG.

Some of the courses available are astonishing. In addition to the usual type of courses, here are some that might raise a few eye-brows:

  • Looking to import goods from China? There’s a course for that.
  • Want to know how to travel the world on very little money? There’s a course for that.
  • Want to learn ice-skating? There’s a course for that.
  • Want to know how to get a job in the solar industry? There’s a course for that.
  • Want to learn how to trade the financial markets? There’s a course for that.
  • Want to build your own website in a couple of hours? There’s a course for that.
  • Want to learn how to make money in your spare time, using the internet? There’s a course for that.
  • Want to know how to fly a drone? Guess what…….

Udemy courses are much better than school used to be. Just take a look at the amazing categories which we have listed at the bottom of this page.

What is a Udemy course?

Udemy courses are brilliant and they are our #1 recommendation for learning today. But what makes learning via a Udemy course so good?

a) Udemy courses are online

We live in a busy world, with all sorts of differing working hours. The days of going to an expensive night-school, after a hard 9-5 working day, are well and truly over. People no longer have the finances, the flexibility, or the energy, to commit to a regular class two or even three times a week.

People want to learn at their own pace and in their own time. This is what Udemy can offer.

Setting up a Udemy account is free, and you can access the courses from any device that has internet access (including mobiles). The courses are available for life and you can access the material as often as you want.

b) The Udemy site itself is well structured

Every single lecture has an interactive area. This is like a Facebook wall, where people can start a conversation thread, or ask questions, about that particular lecture and the creator of the course and/or other students can add to the conversation. This is a great way of interacting with (and getting help from) like-minded people.

The video speed can also be increased (if you want to get through the course quicker), or slowed down (if the speaker is going too quickly for you).

When searching for courses there are a number of filters that you can apply:

  • Paid Courses
  • Free Courses
  • All levels
  • Beginner Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Expert Level
  • Language (if available in more than one)
  • Closed Captions
  • Courses with Quizzes

This really narrows down your choice to manageable levels and is particularly good for categories such as learning to play a musical instrument.

Before you purchase any course, you can see:

  • Details of all the modules available.
  • A description of the course.
  • An introduction video.
  • A list of participant requirements.
  • A list of what you can expect to learn from the course.
  • The target audience for the course.
  • An author bio (including links to their other courses so you can see the feedback on those courses as well).

Some courses even offer free ‘preview modules’ for you to watch before you purchase.

c) Udemy Courses are well structured

The courses are mostly in video format. Each course is broken down into several video ‘lectures’. But don’t be put off by the word lecture. They are not like boring college lectures. The training here is done in an entertaining and engaging way.

Most of the lectures are delivered in the form of an over the shoulder PowerPoint presentation. But screen cast recordings are also shown where appropriate.

Each lecture within the course can be from a couple of minutes in length to up to 20 minutes or more (depending on the subject being taught). There are some exercise or meditation videos that can run for a lot longer.

Occasionally, there are downloadable documents to support the learning. And many courses even allow you to download video and audio files.



Who are the courses for?

Absolutely everybody:

  • People wanting to better themselves in any field.
  • People looking to take up a new hobby and needing those first instructional steps.
  • Expectant parents looking for guides into parenthood.
  • Stressed out executives looking for ways to improve their efficiency, time management, or meditation to de-stress.
  • Someone just looking for something to do for 2-3 hours which is more beneficial than just aimless surfing the internet.
  • People looking to improve their resumes (CVs).
  • Students looking for an easy way to revise for a subject.
  • People looking to lose weight.
  • People wanting to stop smoking.
  • People in need of anger management or stress management.
  • People looking to live / work abroad and needing to learn another language.
  • People looking for ways to earn an extra income.

And lots, lots, lots more.

What are the benefits of taking a Udemy course?

Udemy courses are:

  • Affordable (often with massive discounts).
  • Easy to consume in bite-sized video format.
  • Written & presented by specialists in their field.
  • Constantly being updated.
  • Can easily be completed over the course of one week, or even at the weekend.
  • Available in languages other than English.

In addition:

  • You get access to the creator of the course (That doesn’t happen when you buy a book from Amazon!!!).
  • Most courses offer a certificate at the end of the course (useful if you need to prove knowledge of a skill when going for a new job, or promotion).
  • You get life-time access to the courses (so you can take them again in the future if you want).
  • There are 1000’s of courses to choose from, in all sorts of subjects.
  • Udemy adds 100s of new courses every week.
  • Udemy offer regular discounts on many of its courses.

Things to be mindful of

Free Courses

There are free courses on Udemy. BUT unfortunately free doesn’t always mean good. Some of the free courses really are the ‘basic of the basics’. With these courses, you are likely to just waste your time, or get sucked into to paying for “The advanced version” later on.

Having said that, some of these courses do offer a good return on your investment of time and they can be a great introduction if you know nothing about a particular subject.

Remember the adage though – You get what you pay for.


Whilst the public feedback system used on Udemy can be a good indicator of the quality of the course, be careful of these testimonials posted on Udemy. As with all on-line testimonials they can be faked. So if you just see a lot of one-line testimonials saying nothing (usually in poor English) other than:

  • “Great job”.
  • “This course makes me a better person”.
  • “Happy now I’ve taken this course”.

If you see comments like those, then you might want to disregard these as not being from genuine students of that particular course. People willing to give genuine feedback will provide a lot more detail on why they have given the course a particular star-rating.

And with some of the free courses people feel obliged to give a good testimonial having not paid for the course, so be careful of the feedback given on the free Udemy courses.

Too much choice?

The number of courses being added to the Udemy platform, on a weekly basis, can be a bit overwhelming for many students.

However, the search function works very well and courses are categorized in a logical manner, if not that granular (see list below).

To overcome this problem, and for people who are looking for personal development courses, we have started a process of reviewing 100s of Udemy courses.

We are developing a series of “Top 10” articles for a number of different personal growth categories.

Learn Anything!

Udemy Discount Coupon Codes

Udemy has recently changed their pricing structure. The good news is the courses are MUCH cheaper than they used to be. But there are less discount coupons available. However, they are still offering ad-hoc discounts on many of their courses (as much as 50%!!!!!)

Because some of the discounts only last for a short time (as little as 48 hours), the best way to find out about the discount codes is via our social medial channels. Connect with us on:

And we will let you know when the best Udemy discounts are on offer.

And if you connect with us on any of the above social media channels, you can also claim up to 30 personal development gifts for free. See how by clicking here: Free Personal Development Gifts.

What courses are available?

Here are some of the categories and sub-categories that are available on Udemy. However, these really are just a high-level overview. The best thing to do is to think of something that you’d like to learn and use the search function on this page: UDEMY HOME PAGE.

Web Development, Mobile Apps, Programming Languages, Game Development, Databases, Software Testing, Software Engineering, Development Tools, E-Commerce.

Finance, Entrepreneurship, Communications, Management, Sales, Strategy, Operations, Project Management, Business Law, Data & Analysis, Home Business, Human Resources, Industry, Media, Real Estate, other.

IT & Software
IT Certification, Network & Security, Hardware, Operating Systems, Other.

Office Productivity
Microsoft, Apple, Google, Sap, Intuit, Salesforce, Oracle, other.

Personal Development
Personal Transformation, Productivity, Leadership, Personal Finance, Career Development, Parenting & Relationships, Happiness, Religion & Spirituality, Personal Brand Building, Creativity, Influence, Self-esteem, Stress Management, Memory & Study Skills, Motivation, Other.

Web Design, Graphic Design, Design Tools, User Experience, Game Design, Design Thinking, 3D & Animation, Fashion, Architectural Design, Interior Design, other.

Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Branding, Marketing Fundamentals, Analytics & Automation, Public Relations, Advertising, Video & Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, Non-digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, Affiliate Marketing, Product Marketing, Other.

Arts & Crafts, Food & Beverage, Beauty & Makeup, Travel, Gaming, Home Improvement, Pet Care & Training, Other.

Digital Photography, Photography Fundamentals, Portraits, Landscape, Black & White, Photography Tools, Mobile Photography, Travel Photography, Commercial Photography, Wedding Photography, Wildlife Photography, Video Design, Other.

Health & Fitness
Fitness, General Health, Sports, Nutrition, Yoga, Mental Health, Dieting, Self Defense, Safety & First Aid, Dance, Meditation, Other.

Teacher Training
Instructional Design, Educational Development, Teaching Tools, Other.

Instruments, Production, Music Fundamentals, Vocal, Music Techniques, Music Software, Other.

Social Science, Math & Science, Humanities.

English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Other.

Test Prep
Grad Entry Exam, International High School, College Entry Exam, Test Taking Skills, Other.

Final Thoughts

Over the next few months we shall be posting the results of a lot of research we have done for many different subjects relating to personal growth. Keep a look out for them, we will show you the best ones to enroll in. We will put the links to each of our research articles below:


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