Wealth Trigger (2015 Review & Bonus) – Joe Vitale & Steve G Jones

Wealth Trigger is the first of two courses by Joe Vitale and Steve G Jones. It is designed to boost the power of the law of attraction, using hypnosis. As the title suggests, this course looks at wealth as its main topic.

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Wealth Trigger Review & Bonus



Following the success of Wealth Trigger (which is what this review is about), Vitale and Jones released Wealth Trigger Reloaded 2.0.

“Is Wealth Trigger 2.0 an updated version?”

No. They are actually two separate courses, with different content – although both cover the same subject. If you were looking for a review of the more recent course (i.e. Wealth Trigger Reloaded 2.0), then click on this link.

Wealth Trigger 360

If you are looking for Wealth Trigger 360, then you can find out more information by clicking on THIS LINK. If you purchase 360 through that link, you can claim the Successful Personal Growth Mega-Bonus described at the bottom of this page.

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Right, assuming that you are where you want to be, let’s get to the review……..

Wealth Trigger Review

What is Wealth Trigger? Basically, it is the law of attraction boosted with self-hypnosis sessions. So if you have struggled to make the law of attraction work, then this course really will make you look at it differently.

We are going to walk you through each module of the Wealth Trigger course. However, before that, you might want to watch a brilliant overview from Steve Hall.


Module 1 – Program Introduction

Time: 17 minutes 50 seconds
Read by: Dr. Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale talks about his history and we learn that he has not always been successful. He goes onto explain the tough times in his life (and there were a lot of them). Basically, he was following his dream of being a writer and it just wasn’t working out for him (many people can relate to that). He explains what went wrong in some detail.

Even though he wasn’t seeing tangible success, the thing that kept him going was reading inspirational books and ‘the classics’ from success literature (such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill). He was an avid reader of these books and it was providing him with the foundation for later success.

SIDE NOTE: This is a lesson for us all. Even if you are not yet seeing success, keep moving forward with your personal growth studies and you WILL eventually see success.

Here’s an interesting quote, From Jack Canfield which sums up what Joe learnt at this point.

Learning about wealth

Joe learnt that it was his unconscious thinking that had led him into poverty. Furthermore, he needed to awaken from the negative belief systems that he’d put himself in.

Vitale concludes the chapter by briefly describing what follows in the course. He goes onto explain that he will occasionally be using the ‘rambling conversational style’ – made famous by hypnotherapist Milton H Erickson.

The overall message of this module is that no matter where you are now, you can make changes to vastly improve your life with the teachings from the Wealth Trigger program.

Module 2 – Law of Attraction and Hypnosis

Time: 20 minutes 45 seconds
Read by: Dr. Joe Vitale

Most people, with an interest in personal development, would have heard of the law of attraction and hypnosis as separate tools for personal growth. However, very few people talk about combining these modalities. This is what we learn in this module.

Law of attraction

We know that with the law of attraction we attract into our lives the focus of our dominant thoughts. This is good because it means that we have the power to make positive changes in our lives.

Of course the real key to the law of attraction is to focus on what you DO want not on what you DON’T want.

BONUS Free Ebook

As a bonus at this point, Joe provides the website address for an e-book book he has written about money, for free. This 165 page e-book has a 7-step formula for how to attract money.

We’re then provided with a very useful tip to help us with our thinking, using the ‘What If Up’ process, by Mindy Audlin, from her book “What if it all goes right”.


This has been around for centuries and there are a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis. Joe talks about the waking trance state, like that experienced when we are driving and can’t remember how we actually got from a to b.

The most important thing we’ve learnt in 20 years

Vitale then provides one of the biggest “A-HA” moments we have ever had in over 20 years of personal development research (and we don’t say that lightly).

Whilst it would be unfair on Joe Vitale to say openly what that specific lesson was, we will be using it as the main focus for all of our future work on the law of attraction (it’s that important).

What we will say at this point is that we can’t over-state the importance of the law of attraction combined with hypnosis (Joe Vitale explains why these are a VITAL combination. This was the trigger for us getting really excited).

Joe then talks about our mindset with money and what happens to people who win the lottery (it’s not good news). Setting goals, taking action, and the feeling of gratitude are also key ingredients of the law of attraction, explained in the second half of this module.

Important Notice

Wealth Trigger is not just a passive learning experience. A vital element of this whole program is the hypnotic (subliminal) conversation that is programmed into us by Vitale as we are listening to these tracks.

Module 3 – Hypnotic Intentions

Time: 17 minutes 37 seconds
Read by: Dr. Joe Vitale

Joe starts this module giving advice on what we should be focusing on and the importance of imagery. He then explains the difference between goals and intentions.

How specific are your intentions? Vitale gets into ‘specifics’ about our future intentions and how we should be creating and anchoring them into our minds.

Finally, in this module, we learn about the power of the ‘remembering process’.

Module 4 – Case Studies

Time: 11 minutes 27 seconds
Read by: Dr. Joe Vitale

In this module, Joe Vitale talks about 8 people who have totally transformed their lives through the processes outlined in Wealth Trigger.

One of the key learning points is that money can come to you through a wide variety of doors. Expand your mind – through hypnosis – and you can attract wealth through many unexpected sources.

Don’t limit your thinking and never have a ‘victim mentality’, as it serves you no purpose.

Module 5 – Introduction To Hypnosis

Time: 30 minutes 14 seconds
Read by: Steve G. Jones

Steve G Jones continues with the course from this point. He starts off with a short biography of himself. He has a very impressive CV if you don’t know about his history and qualifications.

The rest of this module is dedicated to providing an overview of what is to come. Basically, this course will teach you the full hypnosis process.

As well as being able to program yourself for success, you’ll actually learn the process of becoming a hypnotist (to become a certified hypnotist, you can take the course here).

In the second half of this module, Jones provides some background information as to what hypnosis is. He then provides some of the modern-day history as to its development.

The 4-stages of consciousness are explored next:

  • Beta – Wide awake.
  • Alpha – A light hypnotic state where you become suggestible.
  • Theta – A sleep state which is also a state of hypnosis.
  • Delta – Completely unconscious, but it’s also a state of hypnosis.

Note: If you fall asleep during hypnosis you will still receive hypnotic suggestions.

Steve Jones then provides a very interesting scenario of a typical day when someone can go from Beta to Alpha and back again, and not even realize it. A classic example of being in an alpha state is when you read something over and over again but just can’t retain the information.

Finally, Steve talks about the importance of preparation before your hypnotic sessions.

Module 6 – Inductions Joe Vitale & Steve G Jones Product

Time: 28 minutes 21 seconds
Read by: Steve G. Jones

Steve explains exactly what an induction is and how you can do it.

A crucial element of the induction is to choose a story that’s going to resonate with you – and one that you will find relaxing.

You need to encapsulate as many of your senses as possible to really make the experience realistic. Jones also explains the importance of using a slow ‘mono-tone’ voice.

He then provides a break-down of a sample induction session – Focusing on breathing and visualizing a relaxing setting (using all of your senses). 3 induction scenarios are provided as examples.

Module 7 – Deepenings

Time: 30 minutes 3 seconds
Read by: Steve G. Jones

This is about intensifying the relaxed state, obtained from going through the induction part of the hypnosis session. This makes your mind even more suggestible for the actual script which has been written specifically for you.

Once again, Steve proves example scenarios. These follow on from the examples delivered in the induction section above. He puts particular emphasis on certain words which should be used to intensify the relaxing effect.

There is a lot of hypnotic training in this module, which will help you understand how a hypnotic session actually works.

Module 8 – Hypnosis Scripts Explained

Time: 37 minutes 26 seconds
Read by: Steve G. Jones

This is where you program yourself for wealth, or any particular money challenges that you might be facing.

There are a couple of sites we recommend for providing excellent ‘topic specific’ hypnosis mp3 downloads:

As excellent as these all are, the real power comes from designing your own personalized hypnotic scripts (remember your circumstances can change and therefore your script needs to change). In this module Jones tells you exactly how to prepare them.

NB. Remember also that you are provided with a free hypnotic mp3 as part of this Wealth Trigger course (see below).

Throughout this module, Jones refers to a blank template for your script. This actually appears on page 55 of the accompanying downloadable Wealth Trigger PDF (details below).

Module 9 – Sample Hypnosis Scripts

Time: 31 minutes 23 seconds
Read by: Steve G. Jones

We learn about short-term and long-term goals and how you can program them into your subconscious mind…… without hypnosis.

Again this module covers a lot of fantastic tips on how to set up your sessions for maximum effect.

You are provided with sample scripts for:

  • Abundance
  • A visualization exercise to find out what our real passions are
  • A script for unlimited wealth

Module 10 – Amnesia, Trance Termination And Self-Hypnosis

Time: 37 minutes 22 seconds
Read by: Steve G. Jones

Steve points out at the start of this module that you now have the education to be able to make recordings for yourself, but also to use what you’ve learnt to hypnotize other people.


The amnesia part of the hypnotherapy is designed to scramble the conscious recollection of what has happened throughout the session. This is so that your conscious mind doesn’t start rejecting what has been said during the hypnotherapy.

Steve uses a brilliant script which really highlights how easy it is to forget what he has been saying during the hypnotherapy session.

Trance Termination

This allows you to:

  • Re-enforce what has been said during the hypnosis session.
  • Drift off to a peaceful sleep (if you are going this at night). OR
  • Wake up (if you are going this during the day).

Again, Jones provides short hypnosis scripts to fit the bill.


The next part of this module is about self-hypnosis. This can be done with or without a recording – and there are advantages and disadvantages of both.

“How can I record my own scripts?”

Steve Jones provides some great resources – which are free. Recording and editing isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Wealth Trigger Downloadable PDF

Wealth Trigger PDF


There is a 100 page downloadable eBook which accompanies the Steve G Jones audios. In particular, it covers the hypnosis sessions (modules 6-10 of the audios).

It is not a transcript of what is being taught in the audio version, but additional information. Having said that, the example wordings delivered in the audios are conveniently transcribed in full.

The chapters of the e-book include:

  • Introduction
  • Inductions
  • Deepenings
  • The Script
  • Amnesia
  • Trance Termination
  • Tying It All Together
  • Glossary
  • References
  • Resources

Wealth Trigger Hypnosis Session

Time: 57 minutes 6 seconds

This is the final piece of the Wealth Trigger (original version).

You are provided with a wealth hypnotic session, guided by Steve Jones, which lasts nearly an hour. This alone is worth the price of the course.

SIDE NOTE: Once you go through this course, you can really begin to appreciate the skill that is put into hypnosis sessions. We have found ourselves listening out for these elements in our own MP3s that we have bought in the past few years.

Hypnosis Qualification

In addition to being able to improve your own wealth situation, by the end of this course you will have an excellent knowledge of hypnosis. It really is just a short step to getting a qualification in hypnosis. Steve actually provides recognised qualifications at a very affordable price and you can get access to them here: Hypnosis home-study qualifications

Successful Personal Growth Mega-Bonus

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Wealth Trigger Review & Bonus



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If you only wanted the original Wealth Trigger (1.0) course then click-through using the banner above.

However, you might be interested to know that Wealth Trigger 2.0 has been released and, as part of that product, you actually get the original Wealth Trigger product (i.e. the course reviewed on this page) as one of the free bonuses!!!

To read our review of Wealth Trigger Reloaded (2.0), click on the following link:

Successful Personal Growth review of Wealth Trigger Reloaded (2.0)

Remember, Wealth Trigger 2.0 (Reloaded) does come with the course mentioned on this page, for free.

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