What Happened to George Hutton’s Hypnosis Videos on YouTube?

We are great admirers of George Hutton and his multi-layered hypnosis videos. In fact, we still have a couple of his videos embedded on this site.

A couple of weeks ago, we noticed that George Hutton’s YouTube channel got taken down; and we desperately searched around to see if he was still producing his great videos. Someone even asked us if WE knew where he had gone.

Who is George Hutton?

Until a couple of weeks ago George had a VERY popular YouTube channel with 100’s of multi-layered hypnosis videos. These videos had 4 voices on them, speaking NLP affirmations at different levels, and at different times.

Because you could not consciously keep up with what was being said, the four voices acted in a subliminal way, by-passing your conscious mind, to get the messages through to your subconscious mind. As we have mentioned elsewhere on this site, if you are struggling to see success with affirmations or hypnosis, then subliminal messages are the way to go.

George Hutton’s Videos on YouTube

George was also very active on his video comments. There would be people every day making requests regarding the topics that George should produce a video on….. Sure enough he would deliver the goods; and within a few days there would be another excellent video added to the ever-increasing list – taking the catalogue to well over 200 video uploads.

Whatever your problem, there was likely to be a high quality hypnosis video in the archives.


WE did notice that he has a twitter account and what appeared to be an old NLP blog….. However, further investigation revealed the following two excellent resources:

Main website: http://mindpersuasion.com/
NLP / Hypnosis Forum: http://www.mindpersuasion.net

We have joined the forum ourselves as ‘Successful Personal Growth’ – hopefully we will see you over there.

George Hutton on Social media

You can follow him on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/georgehutton
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mindpers

We honestly believe that if you combine our own personal growth teachings, with the hypnosis videos and audios that George provides, then you really will have a winning combination.

The Successful Personal Growth Team

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