What is a Vision Board ?

Welcome of the start of our series of 4 articles about vision boards.

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In the article below we shall discuss :

  • What is a vision board ?
  • Do they actually work ?
  • How they work – The science bit explained clearly
  • Why you should create a vision board
  • The process of creating one
  • What images people typically put on them
  • Common problems people have, which limits their success (and we’ll tell you what you can do about them)
  • What you should do next

Other articles, which follow on from this one, include :

  • A step-by-step process of creating a vision board for yourself
  • A review of John Assaraf’s Complete Vision Board Kit
  • A review of the leading vision board software (if you want to make the process of creating one a lot easier)

What is a vision board?

A vision board (also known as a dream board) is one of the most effective goal-setting tools you can use. Vision board made of cork [image]

It is traditionally a board made from cork, or more recently Styrofoam, on which a collage of images and positive phrases are pinned. Whilst some people still use this format, it is now common for people to use their computers and software programs, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, or even specialist software, to create their vision boards.

Whatever format you use, the images or words that you place on your board are representations (or visions) of what you are trying to manifest into your life.

A vision board can be created for personal goal-setting and also for your career aspirations (or even as a business vision statement). In fact, there are no limits as to what you might create a board for.

In recent years, they have become popularized thanks to the movie “The Secret” and television personalities like Oprah Winfrey.

Do vision boards actually work?

In the movie “The Secret”, John Assaraf explained how he had made several vision boards. However, in the course of moving house, they were boxed up and put into storage for a period of time.

Then, one day, he was reminded about the vision boards, by his son. It was only when he unboxed them that he realized that the house he was currently living in was the exact one that he had a picture of on one of his vision boards.

Here is that story in a 5 minute audio. The message is a powerful one…..

Our review of John’s Vision Board Kit includes a video which shows him with that vision board, the picture of the house, and the house he now lives in.

There are countless other stories available in John’s book (which comes within the kit) and also hundreds of success stories on The Secret’s own web-site.

All proving that creative visualization can result in things being manifested into your life !!

How does a vision board work?

  • The simple process of creating these boards empowers you to inwardly explore your ambitions, dreams, and desires. Brain storming [image]
  • In doing this, you will get a vision of exactly what it is you want from your life.
  • You then crystallize your thinking in the form of images, quotes, and affirmations. (This has actually been described as an easier form of goal-setting; and has proven to be a very powerful technique for those who struggle to write out their goals).
  • You can then cement your thinking by drafting plans to meet those goals.
  • In doing so, you automatically activate the subconscious mind to become more aware of the possibilities around you.
  • You can share your vision board with friends & family (you’ll have no choice if it’s up on your wall) and hopefully they will encourage you.
  • The sharing of your ideas will make you more accountable, which will drive you on with the actions required to achieve your goals.

Why would I create one?

1) Most successful people have achieved greatness thanks to goal-setting. However, many people acknowledge that visualization is an excellent technique which helps the goal-setting process.Vision Poster Example [image]

2) With the Law of Attraction process, some people struggle to believe what they are ‘putting out there’ can actually be achieved. And if you don’t believe that you can achieve something the strong likelihood is that it will not be achieved.

The purpose of a vision board is to create a much stronger mental image for your subconscious mind – making the experience ‘seem real’ and therefore more believable.

3) To achieve an end goal, you need to be able to focus on it intently. Unfortunately, it’s this part that many people struggle with.Vision boards, however, can help you focus precisely on what it is that you want as your end goal.  Ultimately, this will go a long way to speed up the manifestation process and this will help you to build the life you desire.

Put simply, vision boards DO work !!

Of course, you must want change in your life and be willing to take massive action on any opportunities put before you. Simply sitting back, hoping for a ‘magical transformation’ to happen, will not get you anywhere; and will only leave you feeling frustrated.

The Vision Board Process

Some people start off enthusiastically creating their personal vision board….. but they don’t see the expected successs.

We want to be honest here – creating your dream board is not as simple as just pinning a few pictures in a framed piece of cork. There is actually a science to it, which many people neglect then wonder why it’s not working for them.

To do the process justice, we have created a separate article on how to create a vision board.

What do people put on them ? Are there any vision board examples ?

There is really no limit to what you can put on your board. Some people use them for : Dream Holiday Destination [image]

  • Securing the job that they’ve always dreamed of
  • Getting that holiday of a life time
  • Having a fit and healthy body, or achieving weight loss
  • Finding friendship or love
  • Having a successful wedding day
  • Having a board with some of life’s luxuries (cars, houses, watches, expensive clothing)

Here are some great vision board ideas : Sample vision boards

Potential problems you might have

Issue #1

Some people just don’t know where to start.

Our “How to make a vision board” article will give you some ideas and a focus on where to start.

Consider brainstorming, using mind-mapping as a process, starting off with the main areas of your life (e.g. health & fitness, wealth & money, family & friends, career & business, personal growth & knowledge, close relationships, hobbies & interests, travel, your place in society, spirituality etc.).

If you really are struggling to come up with ideas, then ask yourself the following question :

“What would I be doing right now if I had no restrictions on finances and I didn’t have to work for money ?” John Assaraf's Vision Board Kit [image]

No matter how crazy the response might seem, the answer to that simple question really is where you should be heading.

If you’re looking to take your knowledge about this topic even further, we would highly recommend “The Complete Vision Board Kit” – by John Assaraf. We have written a comprehensive review of this product, based on our own usage of it. Click here for the review : Vision Board Kit Review (coming soon)

Issue #2 (Two parts)


You can make your own vision board from cork and pin pictures to it. This will only cost you a few dollars. However, there are two problems with this :

a) You can’t carry the board around with you (it’s vital to have your goals with you at all time – you never know when you are going to need an injection of inspiration).
b) They tend to get a bit ‘tatty’ after a while and you need to freshen up the pictures on it :

i) to keep the board looking good

ii) to keep you motivated


Alternatively you could create a vision board on your computer for free, using a program like Microsoft PowerPoint, in combination with Windows Moviemaker. But there are 2 problems with this :

a) If you don’t already have the software on your computer it is very expensive.
b) Creating and then making changes to your board is a bit ‘fiddly’.

This puts people off starting or making any changes at all. And that will :

  • leave the vision board out of date
  • leave you de-motivated
  • stop the creative process

So what’s the solution to #2.1 & #2.2 ?

You can get excellent software, which makes the designing, construction, and any amendments to your board really easy. Vision Board Studio is the best vision board creator on the market, and (at time of writing) we have secured a 50% discount with the owners.

We have produced a review of the product here : Vision Board Studio Review (coming soon)

What next ?

  • If you are keen to progress this further, then we’d strongly suggest that you: take a look at the second article in this series which looks at how to make a vision board that works.
  • Follow our recommendations step-by-step.
  • But most of all……. ENJOY THE PROCESS !!

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