Why Isn’t The Law Of Attraction Working For Me ?

“Why isn’t the law of attraction working for me ?” was the headline of an email we received, last week.

Other things we hear about manifesting include :

“I want to manifest something quickly.”
“I just can’t wait.”
“Why is it taking so long for the law of attraction to work for me ?”

Now there could be a number of reasons why you are struggling to manifest something, so let’s get back to basics……

To be able to manifest anything you must be on the same vibrational pattern as the thing (or person) that you are trying to manifest.

Why isn't the law of attraction working for me

There is nothing that’s going to repel the law of attraction working for you quicker than for you to sit there feeling miserable because you’re not able to attract your heart’s desire.

The good news is that you are on the right track right now, even if you think that you are currently struggling. You have found this article (or a friend has pointed you in this direction), and this WILL get you closer to where you want to be. This is all part of how the law of attraction works.

This is the ultimate guide to making the law of attraction work for you.

But I can’t switch on ‘just like that’ !

Of course not. However, depending on your current circumstances, and just how far away you are from actually being able to manifest your desired outcome, will influence your belief system. And just how much you believe something will determine whether or not it does actually happen.

Why the law of attraction isn’t working for you… and what you can do about it

There are two things you need to understand :

1. You need to be patient

You will only get what you want when you are ‘internally ready’ for it. Just verbalizing “But I’m ready for xyz now” is just not enough for the law of attraction to work.

2. You need to be pro-active

You do need to do ‘some’ work. As a minimum, you need to raise your vibrational level to match that of the thing (or person) you want in your life.

If you don’t understand either of the above points, then you need to look a little deeper into how the law of attraction actually works (we have more LoA articles on this website to help you out).

If, however, you do understand the manifestation process, but just can’t seem to make it work, then this article will make life a lot easier…..whilst you are ‘waiting’ for the ‘real magic’ to happen.

The following tips are the things that you should be doing regularly if you want to be able to manifest. However, very often people will: Win the Lottery Using the Law of Attraction

  • Place an order to the universe (Just like Joe Vitale said in the movie “The Secret“)
  • Sit back
  • Assume that the ‘jobs done’

In fact, the job’s NOT DONE at all.

14 Tips To Success With Law of Attraction

Firstly, we should say that you don’t want to obsess over the thing that you desire (all that does is focus on the fact that you don’t actually have it). However, there are things that you can do to raise your vibrational level – which is one of the key elements to success, mentioned above.

1) Clear Your Mental Blockages

If the law of attraction isn’t working for you, there is a good chance that you are suffering from mental blockages due to negative past programming.

If you are suffering from such blockages (you might not even know that you have them), then this is your starting point for getting the law of attraction to work for you.

There are 3 things you can do here:

a) Try Emotional Freedom Technique

Here is a brilliant tapping routine – Law of Attraction Not Working…? – Tapping with Brad Yates.

b) Try This Multi-layered Hypnosis Affirmation Video

Law of Attraction Accelerator – Bridge Thoughts And Things – Manifest Any Reality

The multi-layering subliminal part comes in at about 4:25 on the video

c) Take A Look At Andy Shaw’s Bug Free Mind Course A Bug Free Mind review package

We have several articles on the Bug Free Mind process. Start here.

Andy also provides a free starter kit, which we HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

2) Read An Inspiring Book

Autobiographies can be excellent – especially those who have risen from nothing to become very successful in their field.

Think of people who you admire.

  • Have they written a book ?
  • Have they got a website or blog with a biography on ?
  • Has there been a Wikipedia page written about them ?

“Why will reading about other people help ?”

Being inspired and reading about others success will raise your own vibrational levels and motivation.

3) Laugh More

Watch a comedy program or film. This will raise your vibrational levels and get you out of any ‘slump’ that you might be in….. and take you mind off your problems (even if it’s only for an hour).

“How will this help ?”

Laughter and feeling good raises your vibrational levels. Higher vibrations are positive vibrations and they, in turn, attract good experiences into your life.

4) Find A Hobby That You Enjoy

Not only will this raise your ‘feel good’ factor, but it will also entertain your mind with something fun if doubts start to creep in about the success you are experiencing with the law of attraction.

5) Clear Your Home Of Clutter

Marie Diamond was featured in the movie “The Secret”. In that movie she explained how an artist was having problems attracting the love into his life. She gave him Feng Shui advice and he was able to clear the ambient blockages.

“Sounds too far-fetched ?”

Feng Shui tells us that clutter around us blocks energy flows. And if you are blocking energy flows then you are likely to be blocking any positive energy that’s radiating out from you.

Marie Diamond Talks Feng Shui and The Law Of Attraction in this video.

6) Be Grateful

This is one of the most powerful things that you can do.

Start an appreciation journal and note down all of the things that you are thankful for from your past; and what you are grateful for from your current situation. Gratitude is a very powerful force in the law of attraction.

If you are looking for something that’s going to walk you through a simple gratitude process for 28 days, then you MUST get The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne

7) Start The Day Off Right

Place post-it notes where you see them first thing in the morning when you wake up. The notes are to remind you to have 15 seconds of positive thoughts. Smile and say ‘thank you’ for a great day. This sets the tone for the rest of the day.

A full morning ritual is contained in this brilliant article : Setting Yourself Up For Success

8) Write Your Own Story

Create a story of how your life will be when you have manifested what it is that you’re after. Write at least 3 pages and include:

  • Who is in your life in the hours / minutes just before your dream is about to come true
  • What is being said between you
  • What are you feeling leading up to the point when you realize that your dream is about to come true
  • Your dream has just this minute happened. Write a whole page describing what just happened at that point – get really detailed with your imagination

Write this down. It’s your story to success. Write it down as if it has happened and you are now telling a friend all about it a couple of years later.

“Why will this help ?”

  1. It focuses your mind on where you are actually heading (i.e. it gives your subconscious an actual target to hit)
  2. In doing this, you will suddenly start seeing the right opportunities right in front of your nose
  3. The excitement you’ll get from creating your life on paper will naturally raise your vibrational levels

9) Create A Vision Board what is a vision board for image

This is an even more powerful version of (#8).

Not only will this help the manifestation process, but it brings to life what you are trying to create. This makes it more believable and it’s also a really fun process.

The journey has to be fun, otherwise is it any wonder that most people just turn around and never even reach their destination.

We have more vision board information here.

10) Share Your Journey

Write an on-line blog, or create a YouTube video to inspire others. Lina Shiny did this when she was following the 28 Day ‘The Magic’ process. We have all of the videos in a play list on YouTube.

“Why will this help ?”

The mere process of ‘going public’ will make you more accountable for following through on the things you need to do AND it will set your intention to the universe that you are serious about this.

11) Meditate

Never underestimate the power of meditation. Even just 15 minutes per day can totally free up your mind – allowing it to provide ‘the answers’ you need.

If you are looking to take your first steps into meditation, don’t spend a lot of money – try Meditation29 (you are going to be delighted at the price !!!).

12) Affirmations Affirmations to help the law of attraction

This is another tool which is sadly overlooked by many people who are trying to get the law of attraction to work for them. Affirmations are even more powerful when done subliminally.

Take a look at this article and follow the process diligently.

13) Don’t Watch Negative News Or ‘Trash TV’

The negativity will only serve to focus your attention on the bad things in the world and lower your vibrations.

14) Connect With Like-Minded People

Immerse yourself with empowering material on a daily basis.

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Final Thoughts

If you are persistent with these ideas, you will start to see the law of attraction work in your favor.

What is guaranteed is that you will definitely start to feel a LOT happier with your current situation. When you are feeling happier your vibrations will be more positive and THAT is what makes the law of attraction work for you (as opposed to working against you).

Is there anything that you currently do to raise your own vibrational levels ? Let us know by typing in the comment box below.

We hope that you enjoyed these tips, and understand better why the law of attraction might not be working for you at the moment. Please help us help others by using the social media links below.

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