How to Win the Lottery Using the Law of Attraction

So you want to win the lottery? And you want to use the law of attraction and finally make it work in your favor? We here the following sentence a lot.

“I do believe in the Law of Attraction and I’ve watched “The Secret”. So why can’t I make the law of attraction work for me by winning the lottery?”

On the face of it, it’s a VERY reasonable question to ask. But, isn’t winning the lottery is just about ‘luck’ though?

Does anyone really know how to win the lottery using the law of attraction?

WARNING : This is going to be a long article. Hey you don’t think manifesting a lottery win was going to be easy did you? There is a lot to get through that needs explaining.

Keep reading to the end of this article, because we are going to give you the chance of picking up 66 (sixty-six!!) free personal development ebooks (including some on manifesting and the Law of Attraction). That’s 2265 pages of self-help material…. That’s actually better than winning the lottery!!

So, can you REALLY win the lottery, with the help of the law of attraction? Well, check this video out.

Why are you here?

Win The Lottery mp3 image


Okay let’s look at the reasons why you’ve clicked on a link to get to this article. It could be any one of these (or maybe all 3 !!):

  1. You already know about the law of attraction and didn’t even raise an eyebrow in disbelief, because you’ve seen it work – either for yourself or someone you know. Now you really want to test it with a big-ticket prize….(i.e. a lottery win).
  2. You desperately want it to work, but you are skeptical. And you certainly don’t want your friends to know that you are on the road to conscious creation.
  3. You are intrigued by the title of this article and can’t wait to laugh and call this a load of old ‘woo woo mind magic’.

If you REALLY don’t think that it’s possible to manifest a lotto win, using the law of attraction, then scroll down to the bit that says “I JUST DON’T THINK THAT THE LAW OF ATTRACTION WILL WORK”. There we have something else that might be of interest to you if you are looking to win the lottery.

Okay, now that’s been addressed and out-of-the-way, all of the above 3 are excellent reasons for you to read on. Let’s start by taking a brief look at the law of attraction (for those ‘out of the loop’).

The Law of Attraction ‘Theory’

The Secret

The Secret was a movie released in 2006 and is reported to have been watched over 200,000,000 times. There are also audio versions and a book available. Here is the first 20 minutes of the film, which provides a great introduction into the Law of Attraction.

If you want to purchase the whole movie (highly recommended), it’s available here: Win the Lottery Using the Law of Attraction

In the film, the law of attraction is explained by 3 principles:

  1. ASK!

…….and we would also add…. Number 4…….


Let’s look at them one by one.


When asking you have to clearly state to the universe your intention or desire. It’s important to get really specific here with whatever you are trying to manifest.

Write it down and use the present tense (i.e. as if you already have it). Get pictures of what it is you want and look at them – but don’t get obsessive about it (see below).


You must really believe that you can manifest what it is you are wanting. Merely ‘hoping’ is not good enough. In fact, we would go one step further and say that you have to ‘know’ that it’s going to happen – it’s just a question of ‘when’ and not ‘if’.

Start acting as if you’ve already won the lottery – start planning what you would spend the money on. Go into details. How much are the ‘toys’ going to cost you? When will you pay the bills ? OBVIOUSLY don’t actually spend any money at this stage!!!

Once you have done this, it is said that the universe will move all people, timings, places, and events to align with your desires. Will it do that for you ? Do you believe ?….. or just ‘hope’?


To be able to receive anything, you must be in perfect alignment. You must be in a vibrational match with whatever it is that you want.

Just like falling in love with someone, you both have to feel the same for the relationship to work. If the partners are not on the same vibrational match, then the relationship is not going to work. This is actually a good thing. Imagine the chaos if we all loved (were in vibrational match with) the same person.

How do I get into this vibrational match?

This is done via a 2-step process.

Firstly, you have to develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’. Being grateful for what you already have, prompts the universe to provide you with more of the same. It works because you are focusing on the good things.

The opposite happens when we are worrying, or are fearful, about something. Our focus is being directed on what we don’t want….. and we therefore end up getting more of what we don’t want.

Secondly, you must have such a strong, unshakeable, belief that it’s going to happen, that you actually buzz with excitement in anticipation. This is achieved with robust visualization techniques.

Are you emitting a frequency of not really believing that your desires will happen ? Then guess what you’re going to get?

Take Massive Action!

The law of attraction is ALWAYS working either for or against you. For anyone wanting to use the law of attraction to their advantage, they have to be ‘alive’ to their intuition. Their intuition will point them in the right direction. So it’s up to the individual to follow the signs, or ignore them.

Thinking of changing your lottery numbers at the last second ? That might be your intuition speaking loud and clear – either to help you win or to help you lose (depends on your feelings towards money). Is it a wise thing to do ? Only you can answer that.

Lottery Balls Image

Why People Struggle to Make the Law of Attraction Work

Taking the above four elements again, let’s focus now on that big lottery win a bit more:


Well, there is no doubt that people who are participating in the lottery are ‘asking’. By handing over their money each week, they are asking time and time again…. but what exactly are they asking for?

If you talk to the average person, they would say that it’s obvious: The participants are clearly asking to win the lottery. However, the universe doesn’t work like that. It could be argued that lottery participants are:

  • Telling the universe that they are happy to keep paying their lottery money each week (because they keep doing it).
  • Telling the universe that they are happy to make charity donations (in many countries a part of the lottery fee goes to charity).
  • Telling other people (and the universe) that they “Desperately need to win the lottery”?

Either way, the universe just provides them with ‘more of the same’ (i.e. a chance to give more money to charity, or keeps them on a never-ending loop of being “desperate to win the lottery”).


This is the #1 stumbling block to making the law of attraction work for anything, not just the lottery.

People do the lottery in the ‘hope’ that they are going to win it. Very few people actually believe that they are going to win it….. or even better KNOW that they are going to win it.

The problem most people have with succeeding with the Law of Attraction is that they try to force it to work for them. The law of attraction is designed to be an effortless process. Just like grass or trees growing in nature, or the law of gravity pulling things to the ground.

There are a lot of people who have been interviewed after their lottery win. Many of them say that they “Knew they would win it” or they “Had a real strong feeling of winning this week”. Coincidence? Maybe, but that’s the level you need to get to make the law of attraction work for you (with anything you desire).

If you want to know what your real beliefs are, then just tap into your feelings. Too many people say “I’m really happy in my life at the moment “, but at the same time have a knot of worry sitting inside their stomachs. Words coming out of our mouths can be lies…. our feelings don’t lie to us.

If you’re trying to use the law of attraction to win the lottery you have two potential problems with respect to ‘belief’:

  1. Even if you believe in the law of attraction, you possibly don’t think that it can work for lottery wins. After all, if it did work, then all the law of attraction teachers would just win the lottery and retire on to a beach.
  2. Forgetting the law of attraction for a moment, you just don’t believe that you are ‘lucky’ enough to win the lottery.

But does ‘believing’ really do anything?

The placebo effect is strong evidence that we can make the impossible possible through belief systems alone. The patient ‘believes’ (or is lead to believe) that the pill they have just been given will cure them. It’s this belief that eventually cures them, not any ingredient in the actual pill.

THAT is the Law of Attraction in action.

Receive Woman with lottery winnings Image

Here is a conversation we had recently about the process of receiving:

Are you in a vibrational match with a lottery win? Do you feel good ? Are you happy?

Answer: Yes, just give me the money… !!

Really? Okay, the universe will respond. And once every 6 months it will let you have the smallest prize (barely enough to buy a few more tickets).

Answer: But I want a lot of money. I want the top prize.

Really? What are your plans for this money? You’ve got to convince the universe that you really want it (i.e. you’re really ready to receive it).

Answer: I’ll spend it when I get it. There’s no point in making detailed life plans for something that’s not likely to happen.

Ahhhhh, so you don’t really believe that you’re going to win it then!!!

(Back to the drawing board)

Take Massive Action!

Okay, buying a lottery ticket each week is taking some action, we’ll give you that one. However, taking ‘massive action’ is buying lots of tickets. And as you know, the more tickets you buy (more action you take), the greater your chances of winning.

Of course, we are NOT really advocating that you spend loads of money on lottery tickets – that would just be foolish. In fact, we don’t do it at all – but that’s just our choice.

Making the Law of Attraction Work Best of Luck Image

Okay, so we now understand the theory and potential hurdles, let’s look at how you can possibly use it to your advantage.

As we have seen, the problem lies with the fact that most people don’t have a plan covering all of the elements of the law of attraction. In particular, they just don’t believe:

  1. the law of attraction creation process, or
  2. the fact that they are ‘lucky enough’ to win anything.

The Law of Attraction Process

We are now going to take you through the manifestation process.

1. Watch The Secret.

If you haven’t already watched The Secret, get a copy and watch it several times.

2. Start by attracting small things.

We have access to a closed Facebook community which solely focuses on the successes from the Law of Attraction. Every day, people are posting their success stories. However, one of the things which appears vital for success is the ability to develop an unshakeable belief system about the law of attraction process.

The key is to build up your belief system like a muscle. When going to the gym you wouldn’t suddenly start power lifting the heaviest weights, would you? You would start off with light weights and work your way up, over a period of weeks… even months.

So with the law of attraction, start off by manifesting one of the following: Cup of Coffee Image

  • A free cup of coffee.
  • A 10% discount voucher from your favorite store.
  • A car parking space close to the store.
  • Finding a dollar bill (or Euro, or pound coin) on the floor.
  • Spotting a news-reader wearing a red tie.
  • Seeing a pink Cadillac drive down your street.

Whatever it is you think is believable, and therefore achievable, then start with that.

3. Detail what you want and then create a vision board.

Write down the details of your desire. Don’t just write one line saying “I want to win the lottery – job done” Instead, get specific.

Can you give me an example?

Try something like this:

“It is now August 2014. I am sitting in the offices of the Lottery Company based on 23rd street in New York. I am wearing a white shirt, grey trousers and my new black shoes – they are pinching my feet a bit, but I just don’t care.

The sun is very hot outside, and I’m sweating – more with excitement than anything else. I am thankful for the air conditioning in this office. My heart is pounding with excitement as the photographer prepares the tripod for the promotional photography shots.

The Lottery PR guy has just walked in with a beaming smile, wearing a dark blue suit; a pale yellow shirt; and an orange tie (WTF!!). He holds out his right-hand. I shake it nervously.

Meanwhile his assistant, who is an attractive young lady with shoulder length brown hair and wearing a smart red suit, follows him. She is holding a big promotional check with the sum of $8,047,263.48 and “Andy Townsend” as the payee – THAT’S ME !!!. In her other hand is the biggest bottle of Champaign I’ve ever seen.

She asks me what I am going to buy with the money and I explain to her that I’ve already put a deposit down on a round-the-world cruise, which starts in two months’ time – I can’t wait.

After a further brief conversation, we move into the line of the camera. The photography lights are very hot, but within seconds the camera flash is dazzling my eyes. I shake almost uncontrollably as the check is passed over to me and the Champaign bottle cork pops off”

Okay, you get the idea. We could have been even more descriptive with this, to the point of you feeling as though you were in that office actually witnessing this event…… THAT’S the level of detail you have to get to.

Next, get a copy of a lottery check and super-impose a picture of your hand holding it. Put this on a vision board. Then put pictures of the things that you would buy with the lottery winnings on the vision board.

Next visualize.

Visualize the moment you win the lottery: Jackpot Image

  • How would you feel?
  • Who would you tell first?
  • How would they react?
  • What would you buy first? see yourself buying it and handing over a check for the bill.

4. Don’t become obsessed with it.

One of the questions frequently asked about the law of attraction is “Should I keep asking the universe every night for the thing I want ?” (In this case a lottery win.)

The simple answer is ‘no’. Looking out for the ‘successful outcome’ is the worst thing you can do. It will come, when you least expect it.

We have hinted that vision boards help with the law of attraction process by helping you get clear on what you want. However, continuously staring at one of those just leads the universe to believe that you like ‘wanting’ something. Your desperation shines out like a beacon and you are not on a vibrational match with what it is that you actually desire.

Whatever you intend to attract, let it go. John Assaraf famously manifested the house that he now lives in…. but only after he’d placed his vision boards away in storage and ‘forgot’ about them.

Obsession back-firing example.

We are in Andy Shaw’s mastermind group where the intention is to manifest a lime green colored cup (just as a bit of fun to prove the Law of Attraction concept).

One guy commented that he did all of the necessary work to put the manifestation in place and left it a day. The cup never showed up and he ‘just happened’ to be near a department store. So he thought that he would pop in and pass through the kitchen-ware part of the store. He could not find one.

Disappointed that he hadn’t been able to ‘manifest’, he left this store and immediately went into another store to try to give the universe another helping hand!! Despite the masses of cups, there was not one lime green one.

Incredibly, he then went home and Googled “Lime Green Cup”. Not surprisingly, he was able to find one quite easily. Finally, he asked the on-line community, that we are in, if he’d actually manifested the cup or if he’d just cheated!!!

Whilst the answer to this amusing story is obvious, there is a more serious side to his actions.

Clearly, he has no confidence whatsoever in the law of attraction process (by virtue of the fact that he ‘cheated’…. several times). He tried to ‘force’ a process that is natural… it’s a law, just like gravity.

Now, in the back of his mind, he is always going to think “This law of attraction doesn’t really work”, even if he is misguided in believing that Google is his universe.

Five tips summarized:

  1. Watch “The Secret” (to embed the belief).
  2. Start by attracting small things (to re-enforce the belief).
  3. Create a vision board and start visualizing (scream to the universe what you will do with the money).
  4. Let it go (Don’t become too obsessed in ‘making it work’).
  5. Take action (purchase a lottery ticket).
Win The Lottery mp3 image


That seems like hard work – I just want a shortcut!!!

The law of attraction does take a bit of work. The most important thing is that you have to believe that you are going to get what you want, in order for the law of attraction to work (otherwise everyone would be screaming success at the drop of a hat).

And that is where it falls down for most people. The problem we have is our subconscious mind just says, “Don’t even think about it…. that’s never going to happen”. Of course, as soon as you install that type of negative mindset then you are doomed to failure.

If you really don’t want to go through the 5 suggestions mentioned above, then the good news is that it is possible to bypass your conscious mind, with subliminal messages. You could try and shortcut your way to making the law of attraction work for you with a specifically produced subliminal mp3.


If, after reading all of the above, you still don’t think that the law of attraction will help you in win your state or country lotto, then have a look at the links below (each link opens in a new window).

  1. The Lotto Life – Claiming a 9 out of 10 success rate.
  2. Formula 1 System – 64 Year Old MIT Professor perfects a system that (it’s claimed) will win the lotto 8.7 times out of every 10 games played.
  3. Real Lottery Winner Shares His Secrets – Step-by-step system – 159 page book.
  4. Lottery Destroyer – Computer Geek learns to increase his odds.
  5. Lottery Software – Which numbers are long over-due to be drawn?
  6. Beat the Lotto – Math Professor Reveals His ‘secret’.
  7. Steve G Jones (Clinical Hypnotherapist) – 4 module program, plus a 70 minute hypnosis audio.
    Designed To Help You Mathematically & Statistically Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery.
  8. Lottery Formula – A statistician speaks to past winners and claims to have a ‘winning formula’.

Maybe a combination of the law of attraction PLUS what you find on the links above might be just the ticket you need.

* IMPORTANT * How to try any of the above systems FOR FREE.

All of the above systems / software offer a 60-day money back guarantee. So you could even test this whole thing without spending a dime. Here’s how:

  1. Purchase one of the systems / software.
  2. Claim your 66 free personal development ebooks (see below).
  3. Pick your weekly lotto numbers using the software / system.
  4. Write the numbers down on a piece of paper (i.e. Don’t buy a lottery ticket).
  5. See if you ‘would’ have won had you actually played.
  6. Do this for 2 months (without spending ANY money on lottery tickets).
  7. See if your ‘pretend’ cumulative winnings were more than what you paid for the software, or system.
  8. If you didn’t win more than you spent, then you can still claim a refund of the product, from the vendor (not us), under their guarantees (as long as you are within 60-days of the purchase date).
  9. If you did win more than you spent for the system, then maybe it’s worth keeping the system and playing for real?
  10. Either way, we’ll let you keep the personal development books, which we will give you as a bonus.

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Final Thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed this fun look of how to win the lottery using the law of attraction.

It is said that the limits of the law of attraction are just in our own minds. As Einstein said, “We are boxed in by the boundary conditions of our thinking “. In other words, our experiences are only limited (i.e. boxed in) by our beliefs, over which we refuse to mentally tread.

If you do win the lottery, and believe that the law of attraction has helped you, then please remember that were the ones who were the inspiration for your win.

And if you don’t believe that you will win the lottery anytime soon, then why not ‘Like’ or ‘Tweet’ this article, using the links below, so at least some of your friends can consider their options.

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The purpose of this article is to widen the knowledge of the law of attraction and NOT to recommend that you do any form of gambling. If you choose to do the lottery (or any other form of gambling), then you do so at your own risk. We are NOT suggesting that following the advice set out in this article will ‘guarantee’ that you will win the lotto or any other form of gambling.

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